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  • Designer Spotlight – Elisha Barnett

    Designer Spotlight – Elisha Barnett

    This month, we asked Elisha Barnett to step into the Designer Spotlight and answer our questions about what makes her designer-heart tick! Elisha started as a Layout Team member, and she continued to hone her skills to become a designer, so she has worked her way up to the top! Sit down with her for some Q&A […]

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  • Pick the Fruit from Your Family Tree

    Pick the Fruit from Your Family Tree

    A practical approach to scrapbooking all that genealogical information – By Elisha Barnett When I first started researching my family’s genealogy about 15 years ago, I saw it as a challenge to find our roots – to do research to see how far back I could go. It was fun and exciting as I found […]

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  • Take 3 – A Real Friendship

    Take 3 – A Real Friendship

    Birds of a feather… (you know the rest) … flock together. A pair of friendly parakeets brightly serve as the mascots for A Real Friendship Collection by Graphia Bella, the spotlight collection in this month’s Take 3 feature. With warm, vibrant colors, touches of whimsy, and beautiful quotes, this collection caught the eye of our Creative Team, […]

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  • Using the GoodNotes App for Digital Planning Part 2

    Using the GoodNotes App for Digital Planning Part 2

    In Part 2 of our GoodNotes app series with a focus on digital planning, we cover two methods for importing digital elements into GoodNotes to use as stickers in your digital planning or to decorate journals or notes!

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  • Scrap Girls Club Exclusive:

    Scrap Girls Club Exclusive:

    In this Scrap Girls Club Exclusive, you will find layout ideas and inspiration as well as a bit on inside information on what went into the creation of the July 2018 Club – Reminisce.

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  • Technique Tuesday – Add a Little Vintage to Your Photos

    Technique Tuesday – Add a Little Vintage to Your Photos

    Add a Little Vintage to Your Photos Tutorial created using Photoshop Elements 9 I love thumbing through the old photo albums that my mom put together. The vintage photos have a different type of light and color to them. The folds and torn edges have history. They were taken before mobile phones, before we could […]

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  • Documenting Summer Memories

    Documenting Summer Memories

    Summer is for trips to the beach, picnics, running through the sprinklers and creating lasting memories. Scrap Girls has tons of great Summer themed products and inspiration galore!

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  • Designer Spotlight – Laura Louie

    Designer Spotlight – Laura Louie

    Flip the switch, it’s time to shine our Designer Spotlight on another Scrap Girls designer! This month, we’re sitting down with Laura Louie for some girl time as she gives us the low-down on what makes her designer heart tick! Plus, she tagged 10 of her favorite products for the Designer Spotlight 40% Off Sale […]

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  • Scrap Girls ScrapSimple Club Exclusive: Memphis

    Scrap Girls ScrapSimple Club Exclusive: Memphis

    Designer Emily Abramson has a knack for surprising us with kits that take creativity in a new direction! She’s done it again with her June ScrapSimple Club: Memphis, which is based on the modern design movement that’s been reemerging. Memphis style is ultra modern, yet Emily has found a way to translate its energy and […]

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  • Take 3 – Main Street USA

    Take 3 – Main Street USA

    Hand over your heart, it’s time to wave a flag for the USA! As the Fourth of July brings parades, picnics, and popsicles, we’ve got the perfect collection to capture the summer fun of Independence Day (and a whole lot of other events). Laura Louie’s Main Street USA Collection Biggie is patriotic, to be sure, but it’s […]

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