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  • Creating Drop Shadows in Photoshop

    Creating Drop Shadows in Photoshop

    Have you ever seen digital scrapbooking layouts that make you want to reach out and touch the elements on the page? Well, the secret behind those unbelievably realistic layouts are drop shadows. The best way to approach this technique is to think about which page elements would have shadows if your layout was created with […]

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  • Short on Ideas? Scrap What You Love!

    Short on Ideas? Scrap What You Love!

    There’s an old saying among writers, “Write what you know.” This is great advice, especially in times of writer’s block. But what about digital scrapbookers? What do you do when inspiration escapes you, and you’re faced with a case of scrapper’s block?

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  • Unexpected Frame Embellishment

    Unexpected Frame Embellishment

    Step out of the box and use embellishment templates in an unexpected way!

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  • Outstanding Elements

    Outstanding Elements

    Elisha Barnett’s ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Map Pointers, is a set of cute elements perfect for travel layouts and highlighting points of interest. The set of elements come with their own shadows, but one fun way to use them is to make them is to make other elements on the page look like they are standing […]

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  • Organize Your Life in an Artful Way

    At the end of each year I look forward to purchasing a new planner for the coming year. A clean canvas just waiting for me to fill with plans, thoughts and doodles. But I always feel like I have to settle for something that doesn’t quite suit me. I’ve never been able to find a […]

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  • Speed Things Up with Scrubby Sliders

    Speed Things Up with Scrubby Sliders

    (**Please note that the Scrubby Slider function also works in Photoshop) You may know that in Photoshop Elements, there is often more than one way to do things. When working on a project, I like to use shortcuts and methods to make things easier and quicker for me to accomplish the tasks I’m working on. […]

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  • The Art of Storytelling

    The Art of Storytelling

    As scrapbookers, we work hard to combine photos, elements and papers to make lovely, artistic pages. However, sometimes we forget to showcase another type of art – the art of storytelling. It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words, but I think those pictures still need a few words added in order to be […]

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  • Geometric Color Blocking

    Geometric Color Blocking

    Learn how to apply the Geometric Color Blocking trend to your digital scrapbooking layouts.

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  • Putting a Shadow on Its Own Layer

    Putting a Shadow on Its Own Layer

    By creating a shadow for your embellishment layers, your embellishments look more three dimensional and add depth and realism to your layout. One trick to mastering your shadows is to place your shadow on its own layer.

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  • Christmas Gift Tags

    Christmas Gift Tags

    Visit the gift wrapping area in most stores and you will see cute packages of gift tags. Despite the temptation, I always suppress the urge to buy a package. They are never quite the right size, color or shape. Worse yet, there is only one tag in the package I really can use to personalize a special package. The best option is to create […]

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