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  • Terrific Title Tips

    Terrific Title Tips

    electing a great title can put the finishing touch on a layout that will give it the Wow-Wow factor that catches the viewer’s attention. In this article, you will find a few tips to stimulate your imagination as you create your layouts

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  • Using Shortcut Keys in Photoshop

    Using Shortcut Keys in Photoshop

    Once you get the hang of Photoshop shortcuts keys, they can really speed up your digital scrapbooking. One nice thing about shortcuts is that they are often the same for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. While you can change and customize them in Photoshop, this tutorial will cover how to find the default keyboard shortcuts, plus […]

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  • Scrap Girls SS Club Exclusive: Warm and Cozy

    Scrap Girls SS Club Exclusive: Warm and Cozy

    Is cozying up with a flannel-plaid blanket and a favorite old book your idea of a delightful evening? Then we know you will love the plaid delights included in this month’s ScrapSimple Club: Warm & Cozy from Melissa Renfro. Her “warm and cozy” theme will inspire your fall layouts with plaids or gentle florals, while her fun word art will […]

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  • Warm & Cozy Word Tags for Fall

    Warm & Cozy Word Tags for Fall

    Melissa Renfro’s Embellishment Templates: Warm and Cozy Tags is packed full of fun scrapping supplies.Her word choices make the tags so versatile, and I love that she includes both the words as well as the cut-out tags of the words. Let me show you three fun ways I have been using Melissa’s tags this month: 1.  Add […]

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  • What is Digital Scrapbooking

    What is Digital Scrapbooking

    Are you wondering “What is Digital Scrapbooking”? Let us explain!

    It’s never been easier to take pictures! And now that the vast majority of these pictures are digital, we have tons options for what to do with them. Have you ever…

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  • Advantages of Digital Scrapbooking

    Advantages of Digital Scrapbooking

    Nearly all photos snapped today are digital and we seem to always be nearby a computer. So using your computer, tablet or phone to turn your photos into beautiful scrapbook layouts makes perfect sense. If you’ve have hesitation about paper scrapbooking, but love the idea of making your favorite photos into something really memorable, digital scrapbooking is your answer!

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  • Make the Switch: 10 Great Reasons to Digital Scrapbook

    Make the Switch: 10 Great Reasons to Digital Scrapbook

    Digital scrapbooking unlocks a world of options with the click of your mouse! Most scrappers that try it never go back to traditional scrapping. If you are not yet convinced, here are some of the great reasons to digital scrapbook we absolutely love!

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  • How to Get Started Digital Scrapbooking

    How to Get Started Digital Scrapbooking

    What does a digital scrapbooker need to get started? There’s only a few tools you’ll need to make amazing layouts. We will dive into each of them and explain what you need to make your first page.

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  • Digital Scrapbooking Terms & Tools

    Digital Scrapbooking Terms & Tools

    If you’re new to digital scrapbooking, some of the lingo might be a bit foreign to you. But here’s a quick review of some common terminology, tools, and products that will have you up to speed in no time! Actions: These products are automated sequences of photo editing steps, designed to make photo editing and […]

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  • Faux Golden Light Effect in PSE

    Faux Golden Light Effect in PSE

    There’s something special about the light in the autumn season. It’s a little more golden and rich, flattering and warm than the rest of the year. The Autumn Symphony Collection by Laura Louie is perfect for these fall photos. Full of gorgeous oranges, browns, and yellows. It is so beautiful! But what if your pictures don’t […]

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