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  • Creating Mixed Media Cards

    Creating Mixed Media Cards

    When I first started digital scrapbooking, I loved how I could resize, change colors, blend layers, and embellish to my heart’s content. These “features” were not easily accomplished with traditional paper art. However, I also like the messy process of making art. Initially, my projects were either digital or mixed media. What I realized over […]

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  • Fun With Photo Masks

    Fun With Photo Masks

    Designer Angie Briggs started the New Year off for us with her delightful ScrapSimple Club: Capturing Moments — full of amazing products perfect for any type of photo. Although I’m familiar with all of the products in this club, I discovered that by going beyond my usual layering and clipping, I could achieve some fabulous […]

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  • 3 Ways to Use Overlay Templates

    3 Ways to Use Overlay Templates

    Scrap Girls ScrapSimple Paper Templates line includes some fabulously grungy paper and overlay templates that you can mix and match to create a variety of incredible papers! In this tutorial, I’ll show you some easy ways to combine and color paper templates. I started each paper by using a solid color overlay (Blending mode: Overlay) for the […]

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  • 3 Steps to Eraser Stamping

    3 Steps to Eraser Stamping

    Eraser stamping is a popular technique that is showing up in everything from scrapbooking to clothing to children’s crafts. Basically, you take some paint or ink and use the end of a pencil to stamp it onto paper. Using multiple colors of paint or ink, and several different pencils adds layers of interest. Eraser stamping […]

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  • Scrap Girls SS Club Exclusive: My Favorite

    Scrap Girls SS Club Exclusive: My Favorite

    Sometimes, it feels so good to just go back to the basics. For scrapbookers, “the basics” is usually reminiscent of what we experienced at a paper scrapping crop session. Hauling boxes and totes of supplies, we created masterpieces with inkpads and stamps, rich textures, swirly ribbons, and confetti sprinkles. We also came away with sticky fingers, mistakes that […]

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  • Fast and Fun Calendar to start the new year

    Fast and Fun Calendar to start the new year

    If the new year is near and you’re wondering how you can easily design and print next year’s calendar fast, wonder no more! Every year, I buy digital calendar templates and get quickly overwhelmed by the number of layouts needed to finish the project. Then it dawned on me – I can showcase already-completed layouts […]

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  • ScrapSimple Templates – Put the Simple in Digital Scrapbooking!

    ScrapSimple Templates – Put the Simple in Digital Scrapbooking!

    Today we want to highlight something that Scrap Girls pioneered that really sets our site apart. Years ago, we started our own unique line of grayscale layout templates we called ScrapSimple. As the years passed, we expanded our ScrapSimple Templates line to include a lot more than just layout templates, so if you’re new to Scrap Girls or […]

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  • Scrap Girls SS Club Exclusive: Warm and Cozy

    Scrap Girls SS Club Exclusive: Warm and Cozy

    Is cozying up with a flannel-plaid blanket and a favorite old book your idea of a delightful evening? Then we know you will love the plaid delights included in this month’s ScrapSimple Club: Warm & Cozy from Melissa Renfro. Her “warm and cozy” theme will inspire your fall layouts with plaids or gentle florals, while her fun word art will […]

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  • Warm & Cozy Word Tags for Fall

    Warm & Cozy Word Tags for Fall

    Melissa Renfro’s Embellishment Templates: Warm and Cozy Tags is packed full of fun scrapping supplies.Her word choices make the tags so versatile, and I love that she includes both the words as well as the cut-out tags of the words. Let me show you three fun ways I have been using Melissa’s tags this month: 1.  Add […]

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  • Digital Scrapbooking Terms & Tools

    Digital Scrapbooking Terms & Tools

    If you’re new to digital scrapbooking, some of the lingo might be a bit foreign to you. But here’s a quick review of some common terminology, tools, and products that will have you up to speed in no time! Actions: These products are automated sequences of photo editing steps, designed to make photo editing and […]

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