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  • Customize a Recipe/Card Box

    Customize a Recipe/Card Box

    I’ll be honest: I’m not very good at simplifying my life. This trait is abundantly clear when you look at my artwork. If one digital layer is good, ten more layers are better – right? The love of the detail is what attracts me to mixed media art. Combining digital and traditional methods gives me […]

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  • Showcase Your Word of the Year!

    Showcase Your Word of the Year!

    Do you choose a Word of the Year? The One Word Resolution movement is based on the idea of focusing on a single word that embodies the changes you want to make during the year, instead of making a long list of New Year’s resolutions. (Truthfully, I’ve never made it past the “choosing a word” […]

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  • Christmas Card Inspiration

    Christmas Card Inspiration

    Our Creative Team has been busy creating cards for the holidays, to help you with your Christmas card inspiration. It’s fun and easy to create your own Holiday Cards using digital kits and products! Whether you create an e-card or printable hybrid style card, Scrap Girls has you covered with holiday products and inspiration! With digital […]

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  • Fast and Fun Calendar to start the new year

    Fast and Fun Calendar to start the new year

    If the new year is near and you’re wondering how you can easily design and print next year’s calendar fast, wonder no more! Every year, I buy digital calendar templates and get quickly overwhelmed by the number of layouts needed to finish the project. Then it dawned on me – I can showcase already-completed layouts […]

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  • Holiday Gift Idea: All-Occasion Card Sets

    Holiday Gift Idea: All-Occasion Card Sets

    With the holidays rapidly approaching, I find myself in a bit of a rush to get my Christmas gifts ready. Over the years, we have limited our holiday spending and tried to share simple, personal gifts with our family and friends. The minute I saw the word art, bonus items, and papers in Creative Spirit […]

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  • Quick & Easy Cards Using the Honey Garden Club

    Quick & Easy Cards Using the Honey Garden Club

    I love to make greeting cards, so this tutorial will show you how to create several types of cards with this month’s Scrap Girls Club: Honey Garden. Learn to create quick & easy cards to send to everyone you love.

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  • Making Plans: Join the Planner Movement!

    Making Plans: Join the Planner Movement!

    Everywhere I go these days, I see planners. It seems like the more tech we have available to us for keeping our lives in order, the more people seem to be interested in using the old-school paper method to keep track of everything. The popularity of weekly and daily organizers and schedulers has skyrocketed.

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  • Finding the Perfect Paper for Your Planner

    Finding the Perfect Paper for Your Planner

    I have thrown out my share of projects because of poor paper choices. A printed planner has to measure up in a lot of ways: Paper weight, thickness, opacity, and surface properties matter. See how various papers stack up when printing planner pages.

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  • Organize Your Life in an Artful Way

    At the end of each year I look forward to purchasing a new planner for the coming year. A clean canvas just waiting for me to fill with plans, thoughts and doodles. But I always feel like I have to settle for something that doesn’t quite suit me. I’ve never been able to find a […]

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  • Christmas Gift Tags

    Christmas Gift Tags

    Visit the gift wrapping area in most stores and you will see cute packages of gift tags. Despite the temptation, I always suppress the urge to buy a package. They are never quite the right size, color or shape. Worse yet, there is only one tag in the package I really can use to personalize a special package. The best option is to create […]

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