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  • Designer Spotlight – Brandy Murry

    Designer Spotlight – Brandy Murry

    Flip the switch, it’s time to shine our Designer Spotlight on another Scrap Girls designer! This month, we’re sitting down with our veteran designer Brandy Murry as she gives us the inside scoop on what makes her designer heart tick! Plus, she tagged 10 of her favorite products for the Designer Spotlight 40% Off Sale […]

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  • Take 3 – Love Is Collection Biggie

    Take 3 – Love Is Collection Biggie

    This month’s Take 3 features Brandy Murry’s Love Is Collection Biggie — just in time for your Valentine’s Day scrap projects! Three of our Creative Team members hopped on board to showcase three different ways to use Brandy’s kit. So hop on, too, and check out Love Is for your next lovely project. And because we know how much […]

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  • Scrap Girls Club Exclusive: Grace

    Scrap Girls Club Exclusive: Grace

    Designer Brandy Murry created this month’s Scrap Girls Club to highlight one lovely audience–“all the graceful women in our lives.”  Whether it’s the women around our table or those who are remembered on our family tree, let Brandy’s Scrap Girls Club: Grace be the launching place for your next layout to feature the women you […]

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  • 3 Ways to Use Overlay Templates

    3 Ways to Use Overlay Templates

    Scrap Girls ScrapSimple Paper Templates line includes some fabulously grungy paper and overlay templates that you can mix and match to create a variety of incredible papers! In this tutorial, I’ll show you some easy ways to combine and color paper templates. I started each paper by using a solid color overlay (Blending mode: Overlay) for the […]

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  • Showcase Your Word of the Year!

    Showcase Your Word of the Year!

    Do you choose a Word of the Year? The One Word Resolution movement is based on the idea of focusing on a single word that embodies the changes you want to make during the year, instead of making a long list of New Year’s resolutions. (Truthfully, I’ve never made it past the “choosing a word” […]

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  • Christmas Card Inspiration

    Christmas Card Inspiration

    Our Creative Team has been busy creating cards for the holidays, to help you with your Christmas card inspiration. It’s fun and easy to create your own Holiday Cards using digital kits and products! Whether you create an e-card or printable hybrid style card, Scrap Girls has you covered with holiday products and inspiration! With digital […]

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  • Fast and Fun Calendar to start the new year

    Fast and Fun Calendar to start the new year

    If the new year is near and you’re wondering how you can easily design and print next year’s calendar fast, wonder no more! Every year, I buy digital calendar templates and get quickly overwhelmed by the number of layouts needed to finish the project. Then it dawned on me – I can showcase already-completed layouts […]

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  • Take Your Photos from Good to Great Using PSE

    Take Your Photos from Good to Great Using PSE

    Photo editing is my first love and the part of digital scrapbooking that I enjoy the most. Although it’s a subject worthy of a large, heavy book, I’d like to show you how I changed these photos with a few of the photo editing techniques I use routinely. Cropping. Most photos need some cropping to help […]

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  • How to Use Photoshop Actions

    How to Use Photoshop Actions

    What is a Photoshop Action? Photoshop Actions play a series of recorded commands. While the definition sounds kind of boring, what they can do is definitely exciting! When you use an action from the SG Design Shop, the designers have incorporated tricks and techniques that most of us might not know. You can add special […]

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  • Terrific Title Tips

    Terrific Title Tips

    electing a great title can put the finishing touch on a layout that will give it the Wow-Wow factor that catches the viewer’s attention. In this article, you will find a few tips to stimulate your imagination as you create your layouts

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