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  • Make a Printable Pamphlet Journal

    Make a Printable Pamphlet Journal

    Tutorial by Karen Webb This year has been a busy and eventful time for me!  Although I have been absent from Scrap Girls, I haven’t stopped making art.  My creative muse has taken me in different directions and blessed me with new paths. I have, however, missed the Scrap Girls community of supportive women and talented digital […]

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  • Quick DIY Calendars

    Quick DIY Calendars

    Create Quick DIY Calendars and give to family and friends for fabulous personalized Christmas gifts!

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  • Using the GoodNotes App for Digital Planning Part 1

    Using the GoodNotes App for Digital Planning Part 1

    In this short intro to the GoodNotes app with a focus on digital planning, we touch on
    Importing Planner Pages, Intro to Pen and highlighter tools, and adding text.

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  • DIY Printable Wall Art

    DIY Printable Wall Art

    A few weeks ago we created printable cards and this week we’re going to see how easy it is to create printable wall art! It’s a great way to creatively use your digital scrapbooking kits and products. With all the fabulous themes and styles in the Scrap Girls Boutique, you literally have an endless supply of […]

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  • Customize a Recipe/Card Box

    Customize a Recipe/Card Box

    I’ll be honest: I’m not very good at simplifying my life. This trait is abundantly clear when you look at my artwork. If one digital layer is good, ten more layers are better – right? The love of the detail is what attracts me to mixed media art. Combining digital and traditional methods gives me […]

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  • Christmas Card Inspiration

    Christmas Card Inspiration

    Our Creative Team has been busy creating cards for the holidays, to help you with your Christmas card inspiration. It’s fun and easy to create your own Holiday Cards using digital kits and products! Whether you create an e-card or printable hybrid style card, Scrap Girls has you covered with holiday products and inspiration! With digital […]

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  • Christmas Gift Tags

    Christmas Gift Tags

    Visit the gift wrapping area in most stores and you will see cute packages of gift tags. Despite the temptation, I always suppress the urge to buy a package. They are never quite the right size, color or shape. Worse yet, there is only one tag in the package I really can use to personalize a special package. The best option is to create […]

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  • DIY Candle Decorating

    DIY Candle Decorating

      The women in my life love candles! Some love the scented candles, some the flameless candles and some love them both! So for Mother’s Day, I thought I’d personalize some candles for those special women! But you can create these for any occasion! Supplies: Cardstock Tissue Paper Removable double sided tape or spray adhesive […]

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  • DIY: Money Gift Envelope

    DIY: Money Gift Envelope

    My grandkids have gotten older and now prefer a gift of cash instead of toys and presents. Sometimes this gift feels a little impersonal, so making a money gift envelope using your digital scrapbooking supplies is a great way to add that special touch. Digital Scrapbooking Supplies Used: ScrapSimple Craft Templates: Gift Card & Money […]

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  • DIY: Thanksgiving Place Cards

    DIY: Thanksgiving Place Cards

    This Thanksgiving I want to give each guest a special memento of our day spent together. I thought it would be nice to do something with the meaning of their name, convey how special they are, give them an opportunity to reflect on what the day meant to them and provide a photo of our […]

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