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  • A Quick Way to Age a Photo

    A Quick Way to Age a Photo

    Ginny Whitcomb’s Family Ties Collection is rich with everything a scrapper needs for making memory pages. It provides charming designs, colors, and antique-looking elements — everything needed to finally make those family heritage pages we’ve been wanting to put together. However, while you are gathering and scanning those precious old family photos, you can enjoy Family […]

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  • Using Levels to Enhance Photos

    Using Levels to Enhance Photos

    As digital scrappers, we always want our photos to look their best. There are several edits you might be doing on a routine basis, such as cropping or removing red eye. After that, however, one of the easiest and quickest ways to correct problems and to enhance photos is by using Levels adjustments in Photoshop. […]

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  • Converting Photos to Sepia

    Converting Photos to Sepia

    Multiple photos mean multiple colors, backgrounds, variations in lighting, skin tones, etc. Add that mix to the colors you’ve chosen for your layout and things can get really busy, really fast. That’s when I turn to one of my favorite techniques — converting the photos to sepia. I call it The Great Equalizer.

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  • Guided Edits in Photoshop Elements

    Guided Edits in Photoshop Elements

    Whether you are just learning Photoshop Elements or you are already comfortable and familiar with its editing capabilities, one option is well worth exploring. That option is Guided Edits. You will find the Guided Edit tab at the top of the Editor window between Quick and Expert. Just click on the tab to move your […]

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  • Basic Photo Editing: Cropping

    Basic Photo Editing: Cropping

    What is the most important thing to consider when photo editing? A photo, all by itself, has the power to evoke strong feelings; it is after all, a window to the soul. When I am looking for photos to add to my digital scrapbook layouts, I look at several things. Does the picture or series […]

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  • Quick Ways to Dress-Up Photos

    Quick Ways to Dress-Up Photos

    Sometimes I like to spend hours on my pages, tweaking, altering, and experimenting with different effects. But sometimes, I just want to add a little text or something to dress-up a photo before I post it on social media. Other times, I want to create a layout where the photo is the absolute star. And […]

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  • 2 Easy Methods for Creating Sepia Photos

    2 Easy Methods for Creating Sepia Photos

    This month’s Scrap Girls Club is full of art deco-inspired vintage goodness – the patterns, colors, embellishments, text – all of it! I thought it would be fun to share with you two easy methods for making photos sepia-toned to go along with the Club. Sepia-toned just means photos that have a monochromatic, brown color […]

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  • Using Filters to Edit Photos in PSE

    We all know that Photoshop Elements is a great program for editing photos. We can adjust lighting, Blending modes, and color in one or two easy steps. But what about filters? Can we use filters to edit photos? The answer is yes! This is my original photo: Note: With every edit, I worked on a […]

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  • Photo Editing with Snapseed

    Photo Editing with Snapseed

    If you’ve ever taken a tour through the Google Play or iTunes App Store, you’ve probably noticed the thousands of apps available. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to look or what to choose. My favorite app category is the photo category. A great photo app can take a mediocre photo to great with just […]

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  • Salvaging Those Dark Christmas Morning Photos

    Article written using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 with Windows 7 I have a confession to make. I usually take photos with scrapbooking in mind. I like to make sure the background is free of any distractions, the lighting is good, everybody is looking at the camera, and all without making the picture feel forced or […]

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