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  • From Smartphone or Tablet to Photo Book!

    From Smartphone or Tablet to Photo Book!

    Looking for ways to get your iPhone/iPad photos and creations off your device? Maybe it’s only me, but over the last year, it feels like hundreds of smartphone pics and tablet scrapbook pages have been piling up! Recently, a friend shared her solution – a cross-platform app called Mosaic. Mosaic is available for both Android […]

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  • Drop Shadows in Photoshop Touch

    Drop Shadows in Photoshop Touch

    Spring is in the air. In the Pacific Northwest where I live, that means the rain slows down for just a bit and allows us all to come out of hibernation to enjoy a bit of sunny weather. Just north of us, in the Skagit Valley, a tulip festival is held every year. Tulips are […]

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  • Photo Editing with Snapseed

    Photo Editing with Snapseed

    If you’ve ever taken a tour through the Google Play or iTunes App Store, you’ve probably noticed the thousands of apps available. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to look or what to choose. My favorite app category is the photo category. A great photo app can take a mediocre photo to great with just […]

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  • Text Layers in Photoshop Touch

    Text Layers in Photoshop Touch

    My daughter inherited my creative spirit, so each year when her birthday rolls around, her birthday party theme ideas are unique and often rarely found in a store. Thank goodness for all my Scrap Girls supplies! Without them, party planning at our house would be impossible. This year, she wants a rainbow cupcake party so […]

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  • Intro to Adobe Photoshop Touch

    Intro to Adobe Photoshop Touch

    Winter is here and at our house that means we head to the mountains for ski season. Throughout the fall, my husband and children have been organizing the equipment and watching the weather reports, anxiously awaiting their first day on the slopes. I, on the other hand, spend most of the winter snuggled up in […]

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  • Adding a QR Code to a Christmas Card Using Keynote on iPad

    Tutorial created using the Keynote app and an iPad 3 Have you ever seen one of these before? It’s a QR code, and lately I’ve been seeing them everywhere – on magazine ads, movie posters, flyers. I even saw some recently in my son’s school on classroom projects. A QR code is similar to a […]

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  • Uploading Digital Scrapbooking Products into Keynote

    Uploading Digital Scrapbooking Products into Keynote

    Summer is a pretty busy time of year at our house. When the weather warms, we hit the road, and often I take my iPad with me. I started exploring ways to scrapbook on my iPad by using the Keynote app. Today, I am going to show you how to get Scrap Girls supplies which […]

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