• Identifying Fonts

    Identifying Fonts

    See a font you love? Find out how to Identify the fonts you are looking for online!

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  • Common Font Questions

    Common Font Questions

    What’s a font? A font is a collection of numbers, symbols, and characters. A font describes a certain typeface, along with other qualities, such as size, spacing, and pitch. What font types are included in Windows? TrueType fonts and OpenType fonts come with Windows. They work with a variety of computers, printers, and programs. TrueType […]

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  • Using and Organizing Fonts for Digital Scrapbooking

    Using and Organizing Fonts for Digital Scrapbooking

    The world of fonts is a smorgasbord that really never ends! The tricky part comes when you start collecting thousands of fonts, and your computer goes Gasp! because it doesn’t like being bogged down with all of the typographical deliciousness.

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  • Coloring Fonts With The Paint Bucket Tool

    Coloring Fonts With The Paint Bucket Tool

    I love fonts! Although I like to work with all the graphic elements in digital scrapbooking, I would definitely say I am obsessed with fonts! I think there is a good chance a lot of you are like me in that respect; maybe we should start a Fonts Anonymous group here at Scrap Girls! Today, I’m going […]

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  • Decorating Fonts Using Brushes

    Decorating Fonts Using Brushes

    Let’s talk about titles for a minute. When I create a digital scrapbooking layout, quite often I use premade word art for the titles. But sometimes, the words I need aren’t included in the kit, and I find myself creating my own titles. When that happens, I like decorating fonts to make them look more […]

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  • Tap the Power of the Type Tool

    Tap the Power of the Type Tool

    One of the most versatile tools in Photoshop Elements is the Type Tool. Once you learn to harness its power, you’ll discover a whole new world of creative possibilities. When you click on the Type tool (see the tool bar on the left of your workspace), the Tool Options will appear. In the far left […]

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  • Leading: It’s all About Space

    Leading: It’s all About Space

    Leading. Right now, the voice in your head is probably pronouncing it as “leeding,” right? As in “leading a parade” or “leading with distinction.” But when we’re talking about graphic elements, leading is pronounced “leading.” Now that the voice in your head knows how to say it, let’s talk about what leading is and what it […]

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  • Reflected Text in PSE

    Reflected Text in PSE

    I’ve got a fun technique to share with you today – making a title that looks like it has a reflection. Reflected Text is quick and easy, and it’s the perfect way to finish so many different layouts. First, create a new document for your layout. Type your title. Then use the shortcut Ctrl+J (Cmd+J […]

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