Commercial Licensing Terms

These Commercial Terms of Use apply to all products from Scrap Girls, LLC & SG Design Shop, whether purchased or obtained for free. We have Personal Terms of Use for our personal use products.

Please read these Commercial Terms of Use before using any commercial product. If this information does not cover your desired use, you are not sure which license level to purchase, or you would like to license our products for uses that are beyond these terms, please contact us at


Choosing the Correct Commercial License

Scrap Girls offers two levels of commercial licenses on many of our supplies.

In most cases, determining what license you will need is based on how many items you plan to make with the designs you purchase from us. Therefore, for the purpose of these Terms of Use:

  • The term “mass produced” is defined as producing more than 500 of a physical/durable product. [Example: creating 500 paper greeting cards from a SG design]
  • The term “mass distributed” is defined as distributing more than 5,000 copies of any printed or digital material, or 10,000 hits/viewings of any material posted online. [Examples: emailing 5,500 copies of a digital newsletter decorated with a SG design; using a SG design in the header of a website that is targeted to get more than 10,000 hits]
  • The term “end consumer” is defined as the final purchaser or user of the product created using our designs. Typically, the person purchasing the commercial product from SG is not the end consumer.


S4H/S4O/Craft Use License

It is ok to use these designs to:

  • Make a product that is customized for a specific end consumer and sold directly to them.  [Examples: Layout or scrapbook for the consumer, photo card that includes the consumer’s pictures]
  • Make a physical finished product that is sold by you to an end consumer, so long as the product is not mass-produced. [Examples: greeting cards, albums]
  • Make something used to enhance or supplement another product sold by you. [Examples: jewelry display cards, clothing hangtags, a recipe card accompanying a food product, product labels]
  • Make materials that will be published and distributed for free, as long as the products will not be used for advertising or marketing a for-profit business and will not be mass distributed. [Examples: community newsletters, programs for community theater productions]
  • Make advertising or marketing materials for your own small business, as long as the materials will not be mass produced or mass distributed. [Examples: business cards, selling t-shirts with your logo made from a SG design.]

These designs may not be:

  • Used in any circumstance where the end consumer of the designs will be able to modify, reproduce, distribute, or sell the designs.
  • Sold or given to the end consumer in a digital format unless the files are first flattened (not in the form of a .psd file).


Commercial/Professional Use License

A Commercial Use License must be obtained when:

  • The designs will be modified for the purpose of selling or distributing the designs themselves as the end product. [Examples: digital scrapbooking kits, digital embroidery patterns]
  • The product made from the designs will be sold or distributed in a digital format, allowing modification by the end consumer. [Examples: blog or website designs, social media headers where the consumer adds their own pictures, digital presentations or slideshow templates]
  • The designs will be used by a non-profit organization to create a product that will be published and distributed at a cost to the end consumer, as long as the product will not be mass distributed. [Example: school yearbooks]
  • The designs will be used to make marketing graphics, advertising, or informational products that will be used by a for-profit business, so long as the products will not be mass distributed.

The Commercial Use License products may not be:

  • Used to create any physical product that is mass produced or any printed or digital material that is mass distributed.
  • Sold (or given away for free) without modifying or altering the designs first. Our designs should be considered a design tool not a final design product. Your final product must be a derivative of the Scrap Girls product you purchased.  Note: Any exception to this will be clearly labeled on colored commercial products where the designs may be used in their original form or modified.
  • Sold (or given away for free) in their entirety – any product (such as a digital scrapbooking kit or clip art package) that is using our designs may not contain more than 30% designs from SG.
  • Used to make a Commercial Use digital scrapbooking kit (known as CU4CU). You MAY use our designs to make a kit that will be sold as S4H/S4O only.
  • Made into any product or digital material that is then resold by the end consumer.

We do not require you to provide us credit for the commercial license products you use. It is always appreciated, but not necessary.

Requests for licensing of our products for uses that are outside of these terms are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at for more information.

Scrap Girls, LLC reserves the right to modify, update, and change our Terms of Use and Licensing Terms at any time, with or without notice.