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  • Printable Christmas Tag Set Tutorial

    Every year at this time I am invited to parties and participate in gift exchanges.  I look throughout the year for inexpensive gifts that I can take as hostess gifts or exchange at various events.  Like you, I want to be able to give something pretty and handmade that is affordable. One of my favorite […]

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  • Printable Craft Tutorial: Gift Tags with Folders

    Add a little extra love to the gifts you’re giving this year! One of the reasons I love printable craft projects is all the options they offer. Sometimes I use more digital pieces in a project and sometimes I use more dimensional pieces; it depends on my mood and the project. These Gift Tags with […]

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  • Printable Tutorial: Gift Jars for the Holidays

    These gift jars are so easy to make yet provide stunning gifts for your family and friends. Giving and receiving homemade gifts is very special; Knowing that someone has taken the time to gather and assemble the ingredients for these gift jars is priceless! Products Used: Digital scrapbooking supplies Paper cutter or scissors 2.5 and […]

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  • Tutorial: How To Make a Paper Ornament Gift Bow

    My favorite part of the holidays is watching my loved ones open gifts that I’ve picked out for them! I have one special friend, Kim, who always notices the extra care that goes into the wrapping of the gift. This year, I thought I would “dress up” her gift just a little bit more than […]

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  • Tutorial: How to make a Christmas Advent Calendar

    When I was a little girl, every year on December 1st, we would hang up the flannel board Christmas advent calendar and begin our countdown to Christmas. Each day one of the children would pull out a piece and place it on the board. We all looked forward to it and were excited to see […]

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  • Hybrid Album Tutorial: Meander Book

    (a.k.a Maze Book) This hybrid album gets its name from the way the paper is cut and folded as it “meanders” across the page to make a seven-page book. I’m not sure who was the original creator of this pattern, but there are many different versions and methods available. I will share with you the […]

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  • How to Make a Pop-Up Card

    How to Make a Pop-Up Card

    Have you ever wanted to make your own pop-up card, but thought it might be too difficult? Making a pop-up card is surprisingly easy, and we’re here to show you the step-by-step process! Start out by designing your card – the best part! To create your card, check out April Martell’s Printable Card tutorial here. For […]

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  • Printable Cards: Creating and Printing Folded Greeting Cards

    Printable Cards: Creating and Printing Folded Greeting Cards

    Using your digital scrapbooking supplies to create printable greeting cards is a smart way to utilize your digital stash. You can create greeting cards with just the right message inside, and even after you factor in the price of paper and ink, you can save money! While I often print the outside of a card […]

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  • Creating 8.5×11 Digital Layouts with 12×12 Digital Scrapbook Paper

    Creating 8.5×11 Digital Layouts with 12×12 Digital Scrapbook Paper

    Scrap Girls has a line of products designed for making digital scrapbook layouts in 8.5×11-inch format. When I first started digital scrapbooking, I had software that almost exclusively worked in notebook-sized format. As a result, I have notebook after notebook of 8.5×11-inch layouts from my early digital scrapbooking days. Back in 2007 when I discovered […]

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  • Print on Fabric to Make a Sewing Kit

    Print on Fabric to Make a Sewing Kit

    Would you like to create a cute little sewing kit for yourself or as a gift? This tutorial will show you how to print on fabric, making it easy for you do a quick sewing or craft project without having to run to a fabric store. Simply keep some good white cotton fabric on hand for printing. You’ll […]

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