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  • Quick Photo Edits

    Quick Photo Edits

    Christmas time is a busy time of year, so I’ll take all the scrapping help I can get, and it doesn’t get any more helpful than making a layout using a gorgeous pre-made layout! I found a JIF Plus layout in the store I loved and really wanted to use, but the color palette is […]

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  • 3 Steps to Eraser Stamping

    3 Steps to Eraser Stamping

    Eraser stamping is a popular technique that is showing up in everything from scrapbooking to clothing to children’s crafts. Basically, you take some paint or ink and use the end of a pencil to stamp it onto paper. Using multiple colors of paint or ink, and several different pencils adds layers of interest. Eraser stamping […]

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  • Fast and Fun Calendar to start the new year

    Fast and Fun Calendar to start the new year

    If the new year is near and you’re wondering how you can easily design and print next year’s calendar fast, wonder no more! Every year, I buy digital calendar templates and get quickly overwhelmed by the number of layouts needed to finish the project. Then it dawned on me – I can showcase already-completed layouts […]

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  • Color Inspiration for Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

    Color Inspiration for Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

    There are many ways to color ScrapSimple products, but how do you decide which colors to use on your digital scrapbooking page? The usual color inspiration for any of our scrapbook pages is our photo. However, if you are scrapping a black-and-white photo, I have another suggestion.

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  • Take Your Photos from Good to Great Using PSE

    Take Your Photos from Good to Great Using PSE

    Photo editing is my first love and the part of digital scrapbooking that I enjoy the most. Although it’s a subject worthy of a large, heavy book, I’d like to show you how I changed these photos with a few of the photo editing techniques I use routinely. Cropping. Most photos need some cropping to help […]

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  • Flowers: Thinking Outside the Cluster

    Flowers: Thinking Outside the Cluster

    I love using flowers on digital layouts, and the floral elements in Syndee Nuckles’ Creative Spirit Collection are perfectly suited for clusters. For this tutorial, we’re going to think “outside the cluster” and explore a few other ways you can use flowers to enhance your scrapbooking pages. 1. Create a unique title using flowers. Start by choosing […]

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  • Terrific Title Tips

    Terrific Title Tips

    electing a great title can put the finishing touch on a layout that will give it the Wow-Wow factor that catches the viewer’s attention. In this article, you will find a few tips to stimulate your imagination as you create your layouts

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  • Using Shortcut Keys in Photoshop

    Using Shortcut Keys in Photoshop

    Once you get the hang of Photoshop shortcuts keys, they can really speed up your digital scrapbooking. One nice thing about shortcuts is that they are often the same for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. While you can change and customize them in Photoshop, this tutorial will cover how to find the default keyboard shortcuts, plus […]

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  • Warm & Cozy Word Tags for Fall

    Warm & Cozy Word Tags for Fall

    Melissa Renfro’s Embellishment Templates: Warm and Cozy Tags is packed full of fun scrapping supplies.Her word choices make the tags so versatile, and I love that she includes both the words as well as the cut-out tags of the words. Let me show you three fun ways I have been using Melissa’s tags this month: 1.  Add […]

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  • What is Digital Scrapbooking

    What is Digital Scrapbooking

    Are you wondering “What is Digital Scrapbooking”? Let us explain!

    It’s never been easier to take pictures! And now that the vast majority of these pictures are digital, we have tons options for what to do with them. Have you ever…

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