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  • DIY Candle Decorating

    DIY Candle Decorating

      The women in my life love candles! Some love the scented candles, some the flameless candles and some love them both! So for Mother’s Day, I thought I’d personalize some candles for those special women! But you can create these for any occasion! Supplies: Cardstock Tissue Paper Removable double sided tape or spray adhesive […]

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  • Scrap Girls Club Exclusive: Chic Instincts

    May’s Club was created for you by Angie Briggs. This month’s Scrap Girls Club is full of Chic goodness! We asked Angie what inspired her as she was working on this club; and the types of projects it would work well for. Here’s what she had to say: I was inspired by a thread I started […]

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  • Coloring Patterned Ribbon Templates

    Article written using Adobe Photoshop 11 with Windows 7 All ScrapSimple templates are adaptable, but Brandy Murry takes that versatility to a whole new level with a treasure trove of patterns to mix and color in Modern Day –April’s ScrapSimple Club! The geometric patterns in Modern Day work beautifully with just about any photo, and, […]

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  • Embellishments Gone Wild!

    Audience: Beginners Category: Basic Layout Techniques Operating System: Windows 7 Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 We’ve all seen it. Most of us have done it. There’s even a name from the paper scrapping world for it. Sticker Sneeze. It’s kind of gross, but aptly named. It’s when, well, your page looks like you sneezed and sprayed […]

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  • Art Journaling: Inspiration From Past Artwork

    Art Journaling: Inspiration From Past Artwork

    Mothers Day is coming soon. Looking through my art journals, I came across a page that I made a few years ago that I wanted to expand upon for this tutorial. I wanted to create a scene that reminded me of my Mom’s true essence and her favorite perfume, Shalimar. As a child, I always […]

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  • Printable Spring Envelope Album Tutorial

      My life is blessed with a group of wonderful women.  Some I see regularly, others not as often as I would like.  Some I have only met via email and chats.  These women are definitely individuals but in very important ways they are the same.  They are the glue that holds together their families […]

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  • Drop Shadows in Photoshop Touch

    Drop Shadows in Photoshop Touch

    Spring is in the air. In the Pacific Northwest where I live, that means the rain slows down for just a bit and allows us all to come out of hibernation to enjoy a bit of sunny weather. Just north of us, in the Skagit Valley, a tulip festival is held every year. Tulips are […]

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  • Printable Paper Daffodil Bouquet

    My very favorite part of spring is the flowers! I can’t wait to see the crocus, tulip and daffodil buds opening, washing the world in bright colors! This winter seems like it keeps going on and on, so I decided to bring a little spring inside before Mother Nature was ready. I made some paper […]

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  • Making Your First Digital Scrapbooking Layout with Instagram Photos

    Audience: Beginners Category: Layout Techniques Operating System: Windows 7 Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 So … you got a smartphone for Christmas and you discovered Instagram! Now, you have tons of pictures. You shared them on Facebook, but surely there must be something else you can do with them … perhaps a way to print them […]

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  • Photo Editing with Snapseed

    Photo Editing with Snapseed

    If you’ve ever taken a tour through the Google Play or iTunes App Store, you’ve probably noticed the thousands of apps available. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to look or what to choose. My favorite app category is the photo category. A great photo app can take a mediocre photo to great with just […]

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