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  • Geometric Color Blocking

    Geometric Color Blocking

    Learn how to apply the Geometric Color Blocking trend to your digital scrapbooking layouts.

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  • Putting a Shadow on Its Own Layer

    Putting a Shadow on Its Own Layer

    By creating a shadow for your embellishment layers, your embellishments look more three dimensional and add depth and realism to your layout. One trick to mastering your shadows is to place your shadow on its own layer.

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  • Christmas Gift Tags

    Christmas Gift Tags

    Visit the gift wrapping area in most stores and you will see cute packages of gift tags. Despite the temptation, I always suppress the urge to buy a package. They are never quite the right size, color or shape. Worse yet, there is only one tag in the package I really can use to personalize a special package. The best option is to create […]

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  • How To Alter Digital Photo Frames

    How To Alter Digital Photo Frames

    Have you ever experienced finding just the right frame embellishment only to discover that your photograph is the wrong size? Most likely you make the adjustment to the picture, and in the process, crop away a section that you would otherwise choose to keep. Why not alter the frame to fit the photo?

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  • Rotating Brushes in Photoshop

    Rotating Brushes in Photoshop

    In order to use the brush in all four corners of a layout, you will need to rotate the brush. This tutorial will show you how to rotate brushes in Photoshop.

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  • Quick Ways to Dress-Up Photos

    Quick Ways to Dress-Up Photos

    Sometimes I like to spend hours on my pages, tweaking, altering, and experimenting with different effects. But sometimes, I just want to add a little text or something to dress-up a photo before I post it on social media. Other times, I want to create a layout where the photo is the absolute star. And […]

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  • Leading: It’s all About Space

    Leading: It’s all About Space

    Leading. Right now, the voice in your head is probably pronouncing it as “leeding,” right? As in “leading a parade” or “leading with distinction.” But when we’re talking about graphic elements, leading is pronounced “leading.” Now that the voice in your head knows how to say it, let’s talk about what leading is and what it […]

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  • Create a Wreath Masterpiece!

    Create a Wreath Masterpiece!

    Create a wreath masterpiece using leaves following this fun tutorial by Pam Zeman!

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  • Using Layer Masks

    Using Layer Masks

    Have you ever looked at a digital scrapbook layout with lots of interwoven layers and embellishments and wondered how it was done? Chances are good that layer masks were used. A layer mask is a non-destructive tool you can use to control the transparency of parts of your layer, unlike the opacity sliders which control […]

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  • Mixing & Matching Template Elements

    Mixing & Matching Template Elements

    Mix & match template elements to create your own layout template designs!

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