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  • Fine Tuning Justified Text in Photoshop

    Fine Tuning Justified Text in Photoshop

    Justification works by adjusting the spaces between the words in each line to make all the lines the same length.

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  • Fun with Warped Text

    Fun with Warped Text

    Create titles and word art using the Warped Text tool in Photoshop Elements.

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  • Journaling Inside a Shape

    Journaling Inside a Shape

    Take your journaling outside the box by typing your text inside a Custom Shape or in the negative space of your layout. This tutorial will show how to create text within a shape using the Polygonal Lasso tool.

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  • Using Layer Alignment Tools in Photoshop Elements

    Using Layer Alignment Tools in Photoshop Elements

    When creating your layouts, do you sometimes have elements such as embellishments or alphas that you just can’t seem to line up so they look nice and neat and on the page? Maybe you want to have a row of flowers or a column of stars that you want to create a border with, and […]

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  • Using Text as a Background on Your Layout

    Article written using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 with Windows 7 Do you ever want to include lots of text on a scrapbooking layout, but worry about overwhelming your page? I recently found myself in that exact situation. I wanted to include the words to a favorite lullaby and a journaling block, but I was concerned that the […]

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