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  • Recoloring Colored ScrapSimple Templates: Hue/Saturation

    Recoloring Colored ScrapSimple Templates: Hue/Saturation

    Have you seen the new ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates that are already colored? I think they are so cool! But what do you do if they don’t match the layout you’re working on? What if you really wish a bright blue ribbon was teal? Or pink? The ability to easily recolor items is one of the […]

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  • Three Easy Steps to Lighten Digital Papers

    Three Easy Steps to Lighten Digital Papers

    Do Patterned papers sometimes overwhelm your layouts? We share three tips to lighten and create a more subtle background.

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  • Converting Photos to Sepia

    Converting Photos to Sepia

    Multiple photos mean multiple colors, backgrounds, variations in lighting, skin tones, etc. Add that mix to the colors you’ve chosen for your layout and things can get really busy, really fast. That’s when I turn to one of my favorite techniques — converting the photos to sepia. I call it The Great Equalizer.

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  • A Closer Look at Selection Tools in PSE: Magic Wand Tools

    A Closer Look at Selection Tools in PSE: Magic Wand Tools

    In this tutorial, we will be looking at some of my favorite Selection tools – the Magic Wand tools. These three handy selection tools are located directly below the Rectangular Marquee Tool on a default version of Photoshop Elements. The magic wand tool is located In the “Select” menu, and embedded under the Magic Wand […]

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  • Gradient Map Magic

    Gradient Map Magic

    I love black-and-white photos for many reasons. Sometimes, a little less color helps to capture the mood of the moment better. Plus, some full color pictures are full of distractions. Removing the color helps us to focus on the expressions on the faces, the lines in the photo, etc. In this tutorial we’ll explore how […]

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  • Selective Color Technique in Photoshop

    Article written using Photoshop CS5 with Mac Without a doubt, the Selective Color Technique is my favorite quick and easy way to change a targeted color in a photo or digital scrapbooking product. Even the slightest alteration in the hue of an object can make the difference between a harmonious digital scrapbooking layout and one […]

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