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  • Making Music with Dynamic Brushes

    Making Music with Dynamic Brushes

    I majored in music in college. I breathed, ate, slept music. It’s still in my blood. I can’t help but tap my toes or wave my arms when I hear a good song. I break out in random show tunes when people ask me questions. I’m always humming or singing or playing air-piano (because I […]

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  • Resolution Made Easy

    Resolution Made Easy

    Resolution. The Oxford Dictionary says it is “the degree of detail visible in a photographic or television image.” In simpler terms, it’s how “in focus” an image appears to be. Higher resolution means more detail. Lower resolution means less clarity. However, because of different terms such as dpi (dots per inch), ppi (pixels per inch), […]

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  • Scrap Girls Club Exclusive: Stories We Tell

    Scrap Girls Club Exclusive: Stories We Tell

    Stories We Tell by Syndee Rogers-Nuckles is filled with a delightful mix of watercolor and vintage shabby goodness! Vintage and modern elements blend beautifully to help you tell YOUR story! We asked Syndee what types of projects her club products would work well for. Here’s what she had to say: As with all of my clubs, I try to […]

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  • Customizing Word Art Blanks

    Customizing Word Art Blanks

    Our designers pack lots of beautiful word art into their collections, and this month’s club is no exception! Syndee Nuckles has given us so many colorful choices in her Stories We Tell Collection. But let’s be honest: no collection can contain all the word art you’ll ever need. Sometimes the perfect words are on the […]

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  • Adding A Stroke in PSE

    Adding A Stroke in PSE

    A stroke is an outline or border that can be added to photos, papers, text, and embellishments. It can act as a frame or mat on any item you choose. Strokes are super versatile as you can adjust the color and width, plus you can also add styles to strokes, thereby changing their look completely. […]

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  • Enhance Photos Fast Class Review

    Enhance Photos Fast Class Review

    We gave a few of the members of the Scrap Girls Creative Team the opportunity to try out Digital Scrapper’s New Class – Enhance Photos FAST to see what it was all about. We got four glowing reviews, but one of them was just too good to paraphrase – so we wanted to share the whole thing […]

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  • Using Gradients to Color Papers, Embellishments & Photos

    Using Gradients to Color Papers, Embellishments & Photos

    Gradients are an often overlooked but easy-to-use tool. They are perfect for adding multiple colors to a photo, embellishment, paper, or just about anything! I’m going to show you how to add a gradient to a paper template, a seashell embellishment template, and a photo.

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  • Gradient Map Magic

    Gradient Map Magic

    I love black-and-white photos for many reasons. Sometimes, a little less color helps to capture the mood of the moment better. Plus, some full color pictures are full of distractions. Removing the color helps us to focus on the expressions on the faces, the lines in the photo, etc. In this tutorial we’ll explore how […]

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  • 5 Creative Ways to Use Word Art

    5 Creative Ways to Use Word Art

    The name says it all: Word art is word(s) plus art. It gives us an easy, convenient, and lovely way to give meaning to our pages. Sometimes, we don’t always know what words to use on layouts (beyond the date and name), so word art plays an important role in pushing our creativity toward the […]

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  • What Are Blending Modes?

    What Are Blending Modes?

    What are Blending Modes? What do they do? Today I’m going to try and answer those questions for you. And I’m going to keep this on the simple and hopefully easy-to-understand side!

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