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  • Getting to Know the Layers Panel in PSE

    Getting to Know the Layers Panel in PSE

    Whether you are new to Photoshop Elements or have been using it for years, it’s always interesting to explore a bit and see the various menu options that are available. Today, let’s explore the Layers panel (or Layers palette). Keep in mind that in other versions of Photoshop Elements, the icons might be placed a […]

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  • Coloring Templates using Layer Masks

    Coloring Templates using Layer Masks

    Use Layer Masks to color your templates creatively!Today It’s a fun way to color ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates when they are single layer PNG files and don’t include any layered (PSD) files.

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  • Using Layer Masks

    Using Layer Masks

    Have you ever looked at a digital scrapbook layout with lots of interwoven layers and embellishments and wondered how it was done? Chances are good that layer masks were used. A layer mask is a non-destructive tool you can use to control the transparency of parts of your layer, unlike the opacity sliders which control […]

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