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  • Adjusting Layer Opacity In Photoshop

    Adjusting Layer Opacity In Photoshop

    Changing the opacity of different layers is an easy way to enhance your digital scrapbook pages. Adjusting layer opacity allows you to easily blend papers and photos. You can also use it to lessen the effects of blending modes and actions. In this tutorial, you will learn how to change a layer’s opacity in Photoshop. […]

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  • Enhance Photos Fast Class Review

    Enhance Photos Fast Class Review

    We gave a few of the members of the Scrap Girls Creative Team the opportunity to try out Digital Scrapper’s New Class – Enhance Photos FAST to see what it was all about. We got four glowing reviews, but one of them was just too good to paraphrase – so we wanted to share the whole thing […]

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  • Gradient Map Magic

    Gradient Map Magic

    I love black-and-white photos for many reasons. Sometimes, a little less color helps to capture the mood of the moment better. Plus, some full color pictures are full of distractions. Removing the color helps us to focus on the expressions on the faces, the lines in the photo, etc. In this tutorial we’ll explore how […]

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