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  • Scrap Girls Monthly ATC Swap

    Scrap Girls Monthly ATC Swap

    Join in the monthly Scrap Girls ATC Swap!

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  • Photoless Scrapbook Layouts

    Photoless Scrapbook Layouts

    Most often with our scrapbooking, we are looking at preserving memories and using our photos as a focal point. This is the basis of what we do in scrapbooking, whether it’s paper, digital, or hybrid. The photo is the star of the page! Oftentimes, though, we can be very creative in designing layouts with no […]

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  • Star-Shaped Positive Sayings Card

    Star-Shaped Positive Sayings Card

    I have a teenage granddaughter and I know with all the drama that can happen in their lives, it never hurts to build them up and encourage them. I decided to make a little star-shaped card with positive sayings that she could put on her dresser or desk and look at every day. This project […]

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  • Artist Trading Cards

    Artist Trading Cards

    Artist Trading Cards, ATCs for short, are a delightful and different form of digital scrapbooking. In the “real” 3-D world, ATCs, as their name suggests, are designed by artists to share examples of their work by swapping cards with other artists. In making their ATCs, pretty much anything goes: painting, sewing, glitter, and most often, […]

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  • Printable ATC Tutorial

    Printable ATC Tutorial

    This month I want to write about something near and dear to my heart. I’m sure the title photo has already given it away – Artist Trading Cards or ATC’s for short. Before ScrapGirls, I had never heard of ATC’s, but since I’ve joined ScrapGirls, I’ve been hooked on them – both in digital and […]

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