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  • Quick Photo Edits

    Quick Photo Edits

    Christmas time is a busy time of year, so I’ll take all the scrapping help I can get, and it doesn’t get any more helpful than making a layout using a gorgeous pre-made layout! I found a JIF Plus layout in the store I loved and really wanted to use, but the color palette is […]

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  • ScrapSimple Templates – Put the Simple in Digital Scrapbooking!

    ScrapSimple Templates – Put the Simple in Digital Scrapbooking!

    Today we want to highlight something that Scrap Girls pioneered that really sets our site apart. Years ago, we started our own unique line of grayscale layout templates we called ScrapSimple. As the years passed, we expanded our ScrapSimple Templates line to include a lot more than just layout templates, so if you’re new to Scrap Girls or […]

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  • How to Use Photoshop Actions

    How to Use Photoshop Actions

    What is a Photoshop Action? Photoshop Actions play a series of recorded commands. While the definition sounds kind of boring, what they can do is definitely exciting! When you use an action from the SG Design Shop, the designers have incorporated tricks and techniques that most of us might not know. You can add special […]

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  • Digital Scrapbooking Terms & Tools

    Digital Scrapbooking Terms & Tools

    If you’re new to digital scrapbooking, some of the lingo might be a bit foreign to you. But here’s a quick review of some common terminology, tools, and products that will have you up to speed in no time! Actions: These products are automated sequences of photo editing steps, designed to make photo editing and […]

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  • Enhancing Photos Using Actions

    Enhancing Photos Using Actions

    An action is simply a series of pre-recorded steps. And the talented designers at Scrap Girls have put together some amazing ones, perfect to take my amateur photos to the next level.

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  • Oh-So-Easy Cut-Out Accents

    Oh-So-Easy Cut-Out Accents

    Angie Briggs reviews some of our popular cut-out products that give the illusion of letters and more punched out of paper!

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  • How to Load Actions in Photoshop Elements

    How to Load Actions in Photoshop Elements

    One of the greatest improvements Adobe made with Photoshop Elements 11 was to streamline how you load add-ons into the program. In previous versions, loading such items as brushes, styles, and actions involved several steps culminating in the dreaded rebuilding the metadata upon restarting your program. After Photoshop Elements, however, the process for loading actions […]

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  • Putting a Shadow on Its Own Layer

    Putting a Shadow on Its Own Layer

    By creating a shadow for your embellishment layers, your embellishments look more three dimensional and add depth and realism to your layout. One trick to mastering your shadows is to place your shadow on its own layer.

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  • Breaking Down the Layout #3 – Silhouettes Video Tutorial!

    Breaking Down the Layout #3 – Silhouettes Video Tutorial!

    Brandy Murry has another video installment in her ‘Breaking Down the Layout’ series! Follow along with Brandy as she puts together a unique digital scrapbook layout using a Silhouette technique!

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  • Using the Color Isolation Action to Improve Your Photos

    Article written using Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 with Windows 7 What are Actions? Actions are scripts that link a series of steps together to save us time. When we “run” an action, we are telling the script to go through all the steps for us, leaving us with just a finished product. Some actions require […]

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