Digital Scrapbooking Basics

  • 3 Ways to Frame A Photo

    3 Ways to Frame A Photo

    For this tutorial, I will show you several different ways to frame a photo. As we walk through the process, you will see that framing your photos can be anything from simple to elaborate, depending on your mood, the purpose of your framing, or your time available to scrap! Let’s get started. The simplest, most […]

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  • Photography Tips for the Digital Scrapbooker

    Photography Tips for the Digital Scrapbooker

    This article is about photography tips, and more specifically, my number one tip for taking great photos. I could suggest things like: Rest your hands on something to minimize blur. Use the Burst mode to capture a sequence. Use the Rule of Thirds to compose your shot. All great tips and principles, but have another the […]

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  • Using One Photo with Multiple Frames

    Using One Photo with Multiple Frames

    Frames are a great way to highlight photos on a layout and help them to stand out from the background and embellishments. After all, the photos are the reason most of us are scrapbooking, so we really want them to be the star of our pages.

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  • How to Download Your Products

    How to Download Your Products

    All the products Scrap Girls sells are digital, so your purchases will be sent as a download instead of shipped in a box. We’ll show you how easy it is to download your products and answer common questions.

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  • Journaling Your Real Life

    Journaling Your Real Life

    I tend to adopt a conversational tone with my journaling. Grammar is important to me, but I sometimes write in incomplete sentences and thoughts, depending on the topic of the layout.

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  • Basic Photo Editing: Cropping

    Basic Photo Editing: Cropping

    What is the most important thing to consider when photo editing? A photo, all by itself, has the power to evoke strong feelings; it is after all, a window to the soul. When I am looking for photos to add to my digital scrapbook layouts, I look at several things. Does the picture or series […]

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  • Journaling Inside a Shape

    Journaling Inside a Shape

    Take your journaling outside the box by typing your text inside a Custom Shape or in the negative space of your layout. This tutorial will show how to create text within a shape using the Polygonal Lasso tool.

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  • Short on Ideas? Scrap What You Love!

    Short on Ideas? Scrap What You Love!

    There’s an old saying among writers, “Write what you know.” This is great advice, especially in times of writer’s block. But what about digital scrapbookers? What do you do when inspiration escapes you, and you’re faced with a case of scrapper’s block?

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  • The Art of Storytelling

    The Art of Storytelling

    As scrapbookers, we work hard to combine photos, elements and papers to make lovely, artistic pages. However, sometimes we forget to showcase another type of art – the art of storytelling. It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words, but I think those pictures still need a few words added in order to be […]

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  • Making Your Digital Scrapbooking Pages More Meaningful

    Making Your Digital Scrapbooking Pages More Meaningful

    My main goal in creating layouts is to preserve memories for my family. In my mind the most important thing is to make meaningful scrapbooking pages. I have never been “caught up” in my layouts, trying to make sure they look perfectly beautiful. It more about memory keeping and making sure that my pages really […]

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