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  • What is Digital Scrapbooking

    What is Digital Scrapbooking

    Are you wondering “What is Digital Scrapbooking”? Let us explain!

    It’s never been easier to take pictures! And now that the vast majority of these pictures are digital, we have tons options for what to do with them. Have you ever…

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  • Advantages of Digital Scrapbooking

    Advantages of Digital Scrapbooking

    Nearly all photos snapped today are digital and we seem to always be nearby a computer. So using your computer, tablet or phone to turn your photos into beautiful scrapbook layouts makes perfect sense. If you’ve have hesitation about paper scrapbooking, but love the idea of making your favorite photos into something really memorable, digital scrapbooking is your answer!

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  • Make the Switch: 10 Great Reasons to Digital Scrapbook

    Make the Switch: 10 Great Reasons to Digital Scrapbook

    Digital scrapbooking unlocks a world of options with the click of your mouse! Most scrappers that try it never go back to traditional scrapping. If you are not yet convinced, here are some of the great reasons to digital scrapbook we absolutely love!

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  • How to Get Started Digital Scrapbooking

    How to Get Started Digital Scrapbooking

    What does a digital scrapbooker need to get started? There’s only a few tools you’ll need to make amazing layouts. We will dive into each of them and explain what you need to make your first page.

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  • Digital Scrapbooking Terms & Tools

    Digital Scrapbooking Terms & Tools

    If you’re new to digital scrapbooking, some of the lingo might be a bit foreign to you. But here’s a quick review of some common terminology, tools, and products that will have you up to speed in no time! Actions: These products are automated sequences of photo editing steps, designed to make photo editing and […]

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  • Getting Started in Photoshop Elements

    Getting Started in Photoshop Elements

    A few days ago, one of my friends confided that she wanted to learn to digital scrapbook, but she wasn’t sure where to start. She had Photoshop Elements, and she had read a lot of tutorials; she had a file of pictures she wanted to scrap, but she still felt overwhelmed. I thought a basic […]

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  • Navigating Photoshop Elements

    Navigating Photoshop Elements

    For Father’s Day, I wanted to create a layout about my dad’s life using lots of pictures and elements. With so many layers in my design, being able to move easily around the page and layers was key. I used a lot of different techniques I have for navigating Photoshop Elements quickly. I wanted to share […]

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  • How to Download Your Products

    How to Download Your Products

    All the products Scrap Girls sells are digital, so your purchases will be sent as a download instead of shipped in a box. We’ll show you how easy it is to download your products and answer common questions.

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  • What is the Scrap Girls Club? All the Info about our Best Deal!

    What is the Scrap Girls Club? All the Info about our Best Deal!

    It’s the second or third of the month, and you keep seeing posts in the Forum… “Gorgeous Scrap Girls Club!” and “Thanks for the beautiful club!” By now your probably thinking: What is the Scrap Girls Club? What are they referring to? These folks are members of the Club and are part of something really special. Now we want […]

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