• Printable Template Cards

    Printable Template Cards

    I love decorating and altering paper templates. I am particularly attracted to dress templates. For the Operation Write Home Blog post I created a couple of cards by turning Brandy Murray’s Old Hollywood Embellishment Biggie into a template that I could easily alter with my Scrap Girls digital scrapbooking products and a few paper embellishments. […]

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  • Artist Trading Cards

    Artist Trading Cards

    Artist Trading Cards, ATCs for short, are a delightful and different form of digital scrapbooking. In the “real” 3-D world, ATCs, as their name suggests, are designed by artists to share examples of their work by swapping cards with other artists. In making their ATCs, pretty much anything goes: painting, sewing, glitter, and most often, […]

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  • Printable ATC Tutorial

    Printable ATC Tutorial

    This month I want to write about something near and dear to my heart. I’m sure the title photo has already given it away – Artist Trading Cards or ATC’s for short. Before ScrapGirls, I had never heard of ATC’s, but since I’ve joined ScrapGirls, I’ve been hooked on them – both in digital and […]

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  • Printable Birthday Cards Tutorial

    Printable Birthday Cards Tutorial

    The minute I saw the papers and embellishments in Brandy Murry’s B Sweet digital scrapbooking products I knew I wanted to make some printable Birthday Cards.  For this project I wanted the cute digital cake and cupcake embellishments to be the focal point on my cards.  I made four cards with limited digital and hybrid […]

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  • How to Make a Pop-Up Card

    How to Make a Pop-Up Card

    Have you ever wanted to make your own pop-up card, but thought it might be too difficult? Making a pop-up card is surprisingly easy, and we’re here to show you the step-by-step process! Start out by designing your card – the best part! To create your card, check out April Martell’s Printable Card tutorial here. For […]

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  • Printable Cards: Creating and Printing Folded Greeting Cards

    Printable Cards: Creating and Printing Folded Greeting Cards

    Using your digital scrapbooking supplies to create printable greeting cards is a smart way to utilize your digital stash. You can create greeting cards with just the right message inside, and even after you factor in the price of paper and ink, you can save money! While I often print the outside of a card […]

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