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  • Mixing & Matching: The Joy of Using Multiple Kits

    Mixing & Matching: The Joy of Using Multiple Kits

    There are just too many great creative tools out there to limit myself (and my artwork) to just one kit at a time. I mean, does an artist use only one brush? A composer only one octave? A photographer only one lens?

    Whenever I get a new digital scrapbooking kit or collection, I look through all the goodies, then go over it a second time to see which elements, embellishments, papers, frames, overlays, brushes, or alphas I could conceivably use together.

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  • How to Create Color Swatches from Photos!

    How to Create Color Swatches from Photos!

    When I create digital scrapbook pages, I usually let the photos guide my color choices. I’ve found that whether I am choosing from ready-made collections or coloring ScrapSimple products, using color swatches makes the process easier. In this tutorial, I’ll show how you can create your own custom color swatches from photos. You will need […]

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  • Scrap Girls SS Club Exclusive: Touch of Modern

    Scrap Girls SS Club Exclusive: Touch of Modern

    When Ginny Whitcomb and Angie Briggs began to collaborate on this month’s ScrapSimple Club, they wanted to design a club that would work with just about any kind of layout! Angie explains, “We found that the color scheme you choose will be what determines the ‘feel’ of the finished layout. If you choose a more pastel/vintage […]

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  • Scrap Girls Project Life: Set Yourself Up for Success

    Scrap Girls Project Life: Set Yourself Up for Success

    There are many different ways to create Project Life-styled albums to document your year. You can take daily photos, scrap weekly layouts, monthly layouts, or do whatever works best for you! Whichever way you choose, it works for our year-long Project Life Challenge. You can find the details for our 2016 challenge and associated prizes […]

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  • Getting to Know the Layers Panel in PSE

    Getting to Know the Layers Panel in PSE

    Whether you are new to Photoshop Elements or have been using it for years, it’s always interesting to explore a bit and see the various menu options that are available. Today, let’s explore the Layers panel (or Layers palette). Keep in mind that in other versions of Photoshop Elements, the icons might be placed a […]

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  • Super-Size Your Title!

    Super-Size Your Title!

    I have to be honest: I’ve been in a rut when it comes to my scrapbooking lately. Life is so busy that I haven’t been tapping into my creativity at all, and all of my pages are starting to look the same. That’s why I was so excited to be given the challenge to create […]

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  • Oh-So-Easy Cut-Out Accents

    Oh-So-Easy Cut-Out Accents

    Angie Briggs reviews some of our popular cut-out products that give the illusion of letters and more punched out of paper!

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  • Family Reunion

    Family Reunion

    I attending my Family Reunion this summer and came away with a lot of photos that I wanted to get down on the page quickly. I figured using templates was the quickest way to make a photo-full family reunion layout fast. What’s not to love about a fun mixture of graphic, geometric, and lush floral […]

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  • Wonderful Word Art

    Wonderful Word Art

    It’s no secret that I love word art. Elisha Barnett’s Simple Joys Collection has wonderful cursive script word art that is so pretty and useful. One of the reasons I love word art so much is its versatility. Let me share with you three fun word art ideas to personalize your page and make your […]

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  • Using the History Panel in Photoshop

    Using the History Panel in Photoshop

    One advantage of digital scrapbooking is having the ability to quickly fix mistakes and undo changes. While I often use Ctrl+Z for this, I use the history panel even more. If you aren’t familiar with the history panel, you can make it visible by choosing Window > History. The history panel saves the last 20 […]

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