Tutorial: Making a Custom Memorial Candle Holder

Tutorial created using Adobe Photoshop CS5 with Windows 7

Making a custom candle holder is easy using a few supplies, your digital scrapbooking stash, and an image editing program. I wanted to make a memorial candle for my Aunt Marsha who passed away a few months ago. I looked for a happy photo, and this is one of my favorites of  Mama and Auntie M when they visited me here in The Netherlands.

Supplies needed:

  • your chosen image printed on regular printing paper
  • clear tape
  • scissors
  • a clear glass candle holder or small vase (preferably with straight sides)
  • measuring tape
  • Mod Podge®
  • foam brush
  • any embellishments you like (I used a ribbon and a heart charm.)
  • newspaper to protect your work surface

First, measure the circumference and height of your candle holder. You want to make sure your image overlaps a little going around the candle holder, so add about ¼ inch to the length.

For the height, subtract 1/8 inch from the top and bottom so you don’t have to worry about folding it over the glass (1/8 inch x 2 = ¼ inch total). So all in all, you will add 1/4 inch to the length and subtract 1/4 inch from the height of your candle holder. This will be the final measurements for the size of your document in your imaging program.

I created a new document in Photoshop with these measurements and then went to work creating the image I wanted on my candle holder.

Just a quick note on what I did to create the image: I used the Action Pack: Ultimate Artist to create a watercolor of my photo.

Then I placed it on top of the writing paper from the Shabby Blanc Collection Biggie and changed the Blending Mode to Darker Color so it blended well together. Next, I overlayed a quote from the word art in Shabby Blanc, as well as some flowers from the Daily Bread Collection Mini. I finished it off by making a border with the Dynamic Brush Set: Garden Party 6301 Biggie.

Here is my image – complete!

Next, I printed it on regular printing paper and cut it out with scissors.

To get it lined up well, you will need to place a small amount of clear tape to one edge.

Put down some newspaper to protect your surface, if needed. Then unrolling it backwards, start adding some Mod Podge® to the back while slowly wrapping it around. I did get some wrinkles, but I wasn’t too worried about it since I like that shabby look. If you don’t like the creases, gently smooth them out with your sponge brush. Be careful not to work it too much or your paper will tear (yes, this happened to me).

Once the backing is glued, cover the front. I placed my hand inside to hold it up while brushing a good coat of the Mod Podge® over the entire surface. Make sure you get the edges well covered so they don’t curl back.

Finally, all you have to do is let it dry and then add any embellishments you like. I added a ribbon (to cover up a small tear I made working it too much) and a little heart charm.

Now I have a little memorial candle I can light for my Auntie M. I smile when I see it all lit up as it brings back good memories.

Custom candle holder by Brandy Murry


Action Pack: Ultimate Artist

Shabby Blanc Collection Biggie

Daily Bread Collection Mini

Dynamic Brush Set: Garden Party 6301 Biggie

Written by Brandy Murry


  1. Cassandra says:

    I was wandering if you can do the work for me and I’ll pay you for my wedding?

  2. Ohh..It’s awesome just love it..We can make it and gift someone or we can use it as show peace too..
    Many thanks for idea 

  3. Jena zalewski says:

    Hi brandy, do you by any chance make these and sell them? I have my wedding coming up in 4 months and wanted to remember a few people with this but idk if I’m patient enough to do it!

  4. Melanie Cockshott says:

    Beautiful candle, Brandy. Love this idea!!

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