Tutorial: How to Make an Easy, Fun, Practical, and Pretty Notepad

Have you ever wanted to leave a quick note for someone but didn’t have anything personal to write on? How about a shopping list stuck to the fridge that everyone can use to write down their shopping requirements? Here is an easy way of producing just these things in a matter of moments!

Tools needed:

  • Your computer
  • Your Scrap Girls stash
  • Your imagination
  • (and, eventually, a handy and cheap online printer to print and glue your notepad together for you)

First, I checked with my online printer as to the specifications for page and print sizing for the notepads. (Please note that I am using an Australian online printing company so you will need to find one that is suitable to the area in which you live, although my printer does mail overseas.)

Then, using the printer’s specifications, I set up my page accordingly and laying out my notepad design.

I finalized the design and checked that it still worked for the printer’s specifications.

I went to the printer’s website, chose the product I wanted (magnet-backed notepads), filled in all the relevant information, and uploaded my high resolution JPG to the website.

The final product arrived in the mail and, voila, I had two beautiful notepads to use for notes to friends and family, plus a shopping list that sits happily on the fridge, ready for action.

This was a quick and easy way of creating a variety of unique gifts for your friends and family. How wonderful would they feel receiving a personalized notepad made by you, especially for them?

This project uses:

Super 7 Spread: Love Me Do

Piece of Cake Collection Biggie

B. Sweet Collection Biggie

ScrapSimple Tools – Styles: Basic Shadows 6501

Jo Corne


  1. Melanie Cockshott says:

    Great idea Jo! These would make great gifts.

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