Silhouette Portrait Giveaway & Glass Etching Promotion!

 silhouette portrait giveaway sept 2013

In additions to the new Glass Etching starter kit promo we are having a GIVEAWAY for a Silhouette Portrait electronic cutting tool!!  Enter by leaving a comment at the end of this post letting us know what as a customer is your FAVORITE thing about Scrap Girls? 

(Giveaway open to US residents only due to overseas shipping costs)

Silhouette has been coming out with some AMAZING new products over the past few months! Products that compliment our digital scrapbooking stash – what could be better than that???!!!! The newest product release from Silhouette is their Glass Etching starter kit. How cool would it be to make a set of etched champagne glasses or a glass platter for a wedding gift?!


Now through October 4th you can save on the glass etching kit bundled with either a Portrait or Cameo, or if you already own one you can purchase the kit separately. To purchase please follow this link and make sure to use the code: SCRAPGIRLS to receive the discounted price!


Here are the DEALS:

(1)    CAMEO plus Glass Etching starter pack, plus a $10 gift card and 10 exclusive stamp designs for $269.99 ($88.96 off the retail price)

(2)    PORTRAIT plus Glass Etching starter pack, plus a $10 gift card and 10 exclusive stamp designs $129.99 ($108.96 off the retail price)

(3)    Glass Etching starter kit for $29.99($10 off)


Glass Etching starter kit contents:

etching cream

stencil vinyl (9 in x 3 ft)

transfer tape (9 in x 3 ft)

Silhouette hook

Silhouette scraper

10 exclusive etching designs

instructional DVD

idea/instruction book

Here’s a video showing you how to use the Glass Etching starter kit:


  1. The whole site is the best, there is so much to learn, help from other scrappers and wonder ideas floating around. I may not get on the forums much but the newsletters via email are a great resource for me.

  2. I love all of the printable craft ideas and love that you make crafting seem manageable instead of intimidating!

  3. I love looking through all of your tutorials. It makes making things so much easier!

  4. Jessica Dobbs says:

    My favorite thing is the realistic inspiration… I feel like I can do SO MUCH

  5. I don’t know where to start. There are so many favorites from the collections to templates. I would have to say that my absolute most favorite thing about Scrap Girls is the Customer Service. I have never had a problem that wasn’t solved to my satisfaction and everyone is so pleasant. Thank You

  6. The best thing about ScrapGirls is the confidence it gives me: it makes me believe I can do so much!

  7. My favorite thing is definitely the tutorials! I love being able to see exactly how things are done!

  8. Regina Harris says:

    Daily inspiration for entire spectrum of scrapbooking

  9. I like the help I can get through tutorials and blogs and past newsletters. The SG Gallery is great for ideas and inspiration!

  10. I love the newsletters!! Great promotion!! Would love to win a Portrait. Thanks for the chance.

  11. Karen Clinkinbeard says:

    Hummm….. where to start! Love the products especially the paper & embellishment templates because they are so versatile and I feel like I am making my own unique background or embellishment. Next would be styles because of course you must use a cool style on those templates! The tutorials have helped me understand how to use the products to get the most out of them. And last, it is a fun and helpful place to hang out.

  12. Karen Fiasco says:

    My favorite thing about ScrapGirls is the “girls” of course.

  13. Oh, it’s so hard to narrow down to my absolute favorite thing about ScrapGirls. Is it the option to buy as I need or to subscribe to the Clubs and try new things (love having both!). Is it the blog with ideas and tutorials? The gallery for inspiration? The instructions that come with styles, actions, etc. The bonuses that come with the club kits? It could be any of these… But my absolute favorite thing is the way that SG presents the images of what is available in the kits. It’s easy to understand all the different elements and it’s easy on the eyes. I have to say that I find it much more appealing to see kits presented the way SG does it than on many other websites.

  14. My favorite thing about ScrapGirls is their consistency. I love my email every day with great ideas, new stuff and tutorials.

  15. It’s the community. I’ve made so many friends on this site and from them have learned so much. As an “older” scrapper, I appreciate that none of the younger members see me as anything but a pal. And such high quality products!

  16. Shannon Gould says:

    I love the tutorials! They help me be creative and try new and different things. Thanks for the chance to win a portrait – I have been dying to try one out, as there are soooo many crafting possibilities with all of the neat tools!

  17. My favorite thing I like about scrap girls are all the great tutorials!

  18. Chris Wilson says:

    The thing I like best about Scrap Girls is all the helpful tutorials, I have learned how to use photoshop elements through these tutorials and have come a long way in my crafting. Even the mini tutorials that we receive weekly have some great hints. It was the best thing I did joining premier 5 years ago. Thanks for this opportunity to win a cameo.

  19. Chris Wilson says:

    The best thing about SG is all the tutorials, kits etc that I receive each day and the premier monthly kits etc I have been a member now for about 5 years and have learned so much about photoshop 11 through all these video’s. Also all the freebies each day, I really look forward to my SG’s e-mails. So thanks for the chance to win a cameo..

  20. I enjoy the newsletters with the mini tutorials. The friendliness of staff and how fast Angie responds to my emails.

  21. My favorite thing about SG is the customer service. Don’t get me wrong. It’s all wonderful – the kits, the blogs, the products, the forums but customer service is the best. Whether it’s help with an order or answering questions, hands down you’re the best!

  22. I have been a fan of ScrapGirls since I started scrapping so many years ago. I do love all the creativity, the newsletters, the helpful tips, the kits and all things scrappy. What I love the MOST is the Christian attitude, the love that comes from ScrapGirls. Thank you ScrapGirls.

  23. I’ve been a fan of Scrap Girls for years. As a busy mom and teacher, I would buy kits, follow tutorials, admire designers. I always knew that there was a wealth of information and support in the Scrap Girl Community, all I had to do was fine time to explore it. Well, I am retired now and it feels like I am a kid in a candy store. Just watched the video on glass etching and my first thought was, “Wow, there is so
    much in life to continue to experience, to learn, to do, to create.” I couldn’t stop thinking about all the fun things I could create for family and friends. That’s how you guys have been to me for years. Whenever I had a free sec to make a digital page or scrap an album, you were my “go to” source. Thanks for continuing to be such an inspiration.

  24. Scrap Girls is my go-to site for ideas, tutorials & new product updates! Thanks ladies for keeping me up on all the new digital products to keep my scrapbooks trendy!

  25. My favorite thing about SGs is the warm community that is here. SGs genuinely care for each other, about their families, about their LOs, about their scrapping conundrums, about what matters to each of us. That’s the icing on this most amazing scrapping cake called ScrapGirls that includes fab products, wonderful customer service, and LOADS OF FUN! So glad to be a part of SG!

  26. There are so many things that I like about Scrap Girls. It is hard to pick just one thing. Besides all the great products that you can get on the SG site, I think what I like best is how friendly and helpful everyone is. If you are stumped on how to do something, all you have to do is post a question on the site – and bingo – someone will be on pronto with your answer. If they don’t know it, they will do their best to find out for you. It is a great site for finding scrapbooking products, as well as friendly people who care about you.

  27. Scrap Girls are my friends, although I’ve only met a few in person. We talk, do our scrapping, give each other help, and have fun. they are real friends in that if you goof up, they help you figure it out, and never in a critical way. They encourage you. This includes newer and long-time members. the great products and customer service is almost unheard of in this world today. I can’t say enough good about Scrap Girls, except thank you!

  28. My absolute favorite thing about Scrap Girls is and has always been the friendliness on the site and in the forum!! Not to mention their products are the best bar none!!

  29. I love so many things about Scrap Girls – the variety of the products, the friendliness and helpfulness of the members, the freebies, the tutorials, helpful hints, and the newsletters! I always look forward to opening my email to see what new inspiration I can find in the newsletters.

  30. What keeps me interested and involved (and purchasing!) are the new items that are constantly being added to your repertoire of scrapping papers, embellishments and templates. Love the selections being offered as well as the pages and demos!

  31. the best thing about SG is the wide variety of the folks who are SG. there are particular designers i prefer, and other designers i am sure are preferred by others. together they make a community that models diversity so well in an age when polarity and divisiveness seem to rule.

  32. Leitha Cantrell says:

    My favorite thing is the tutorials…easy to understand for the newbies. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  33. Kelly Brown says:

    I love the tutorials…I am a newbie but love learning for sure! I would love to win the Silhouette giveaway!

  34. I like the inspiration Scrap Girls provide as well as the tutorials and crafty ideas.

  35. My favorite thing about SG is all of the wonderful things you share……the ideas, the freebies, the tutorials, everything! I’ve learned so much being here.

  36. SG’s covers all the bases–from scrapbooking, card marking, framed art, art journals. Your designs are varied, so you can always find something to suit whatever you are working on. Your customer service people are the tops too. They are always willing (and I might add very promptly) to answer all your questions.

  37. what beautiful presents you could make with this

  38. My favorite things about ScrapGirls….wow….there are so many things, but if I have to single out one thing, it would be that I am NEVER made to feel stupid, or silly when I have a question about how to do something or how to use a SG product! That to me is super GREAT!

  39. I like the helpful tips and instructions.

  40. My favorite thing about SGs is how helpful everyone is. I recently converted from Paint Shop Pro to Elements — and had lots of questions that were answered so quickly. The site rocks!

  41. Jennifer Kimmins says:

    Scrap Girls has the best in Digital Scrapbooking – high quality supplies, inspiration for layouts, printable crafts and everything you need to make it fun!

  42. Jennifer Kimmins says:

    My favorite thing about Scrap Girls? Scrap Girls has the best in Digital Scrapbooking – high quality supplies, inspiration for layouts, printable crafts and everything you need to make it fun!

  43. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love all the different tutorials. I need all the help I can get in the crafting department!

  44. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like all the tutorials.

  45. I can’t pin it down to one thing….the daily reminders of the creativity of others may be at the top.

  46. Everything!!! but really enjoy the free dailies, the tutorials, and ideas. How do you do it each and every day…Thank you

  47. Kathy Engelhardt says:

    The customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered. Problems are addressed quickly and efficiently and always end with a satisfied customer. I should mentions that all my “problems” have been my own doing, such as ordering the same kit twice.

  48. Lori Earley says:

    I like how accessible all the designers are and how great the customer service is. The freebies are great, the tutorials are helpful, and the inspiration is endless!

  49. I have enjoyed the free things every day. It is what got me started with digital scrapbooking because I could not afford the $50.00 it took to make just one page in some of the examples. Now I have a good stash and I can just buy the things that I just can’t live without. They are very helpful also.

  50. ellen casper says:

    I love all the tutorials – it makes it much easier!

  51. My favorite is the quality of the products at SG. I have not found any other site that provides the same quality.

  52. Rosalie Vos Tulp says:

    I really enjoy the newsletters with the mini tutorials. I also like the frequent sales.

  53. I love your introduction to new products and their analysis. Also freebies are great too:).

  54. My favorite thing about SGs is the friendliness and helpfulness of the members.
    Life gets in my way of being able to be on the forums all the time, but am always
    *welcomed* back when I am able to. No question is too small, the girls are always ready to help you learning digi tips!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  55. The best thing that I like of Scrap Girls is all the ideas to be creative!

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