Scrapbooking on a Tablet Using Dropbox

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Article written using Adobe Photoshop CS6 with Windows 7

I have a new iPad! I have been using one at work for over a year, and honestly, I fell in love. However, now that I have one for personal use, my mind is spinning with ways to use it for more than just “surfing” the web or playing games. Being an avid digital scrapbooker, I recently decided to try my hand at scrapbooking on my iPad, but first I had to figure out how to get my pictures and some of my cool Scrap Girls files on my new tablet. That’s where an app called Dropbox comes in.

On a computer, Dropbox is a free program that you sign up for and install by going to On a phone or tablet, it is also a free app. At initial sign-up, a user gets 2 GB free, but the more you use it, the more storage they give you. It is probably the easiest app I have ever used. Just follow the directions at the site, and Dropbox will walk you through the rest.

Tip: Be sure to use the same username and password on all your devices.

After installation, Dropbox puts a little blue “Dropbox” on the desktop. This box is a lot like a giant folder, but allows all kinds of files, both big and small, to be shared across all of your devices including Scrap Girls folders of supplies.


Double-click the blue box and it will open up the program. On a PC, the little blue Dropbox will also show up in thebottom right of your toolbar. On a Mac, the icon shows up in the upper right corner of your desktop. Use either one to drag and drop files from your computer into Dropbox so that your tablet or smartphone can also “see” and use those same files.

Once you have signed up and installed Dropbox on your computer, phone, or any other device, then the fun begins! First, Dropbox allows enabling of camera uploads to all of your devices, like I did on my daughter’s iPod below.

dropbox camera upload

Once the app has found the photos on one device, the pictures will start to appear on all of your devices with Dropbox. Just open the Dropbox icon and the photos will show up there under Camera Uploads as seen below.

share photos across devices with dropbox

In addition, Dropbox can hold Scrap Girls files from your computer to transfer to your tablet later. To do this, just create a new folder in Dropbox on the desktop and copy the supplies from your computer’s Scrap Girls stash to the Dropbox folder. Once in Dropbox, the files show up in all device locations as seen below with Brandy Murry’s Petals Collection Biggie and my iPad.

transfer digital supplies to devices with dropbox

The great part is there is no need for cords or memory cards. Just open the app on any device and watch the uploads start from one to all the others. It even works on photos made in Instagram or another photo app.

Because I installed Dropbox on my kid’s iPod, too, I end up with fun pictures they take of things they love, such as the first time my daughter went horseback riding with friends. After placing the horseback riding photo and Scrap Girls supplies in my camera roll, they are easily accessible to work a little digital scrapbooking magic later.

So give Dropbox a try! If you are looking for ways to share supplies and photos across multiple devices, it is an easy and free way to organize and store your photos and Scrap Girls materials!

Digital scrapbooking supplies used:

Petals digital kit petal scraps digital embellishments atsty borders digital templates


Angie Durr


Tutorial written by Angie Durr



  1. Suzanne Schlief says:

    I too am curious about tablet scrapbooking but I have an Android tablet and thus far everything I’ve seen is for iPad tablets. Would love to have something like Key Note for Android or Coolibah or all the other cool apple apps. Wish Android would hurry up and get some. I look forward to learning more about tablet scrapbooking with Scrap Girls. I have and use Dropbox but mostly to save pictures and odds And ends things. Haven’t tried saving my SG kits.

    Thanks…look forward to more!

    • Angie Durr says:

      In November I plan to move to an app that is cross platform by Adobe. You might want to check it out sooner. It is the Adobe Photoshop Touch app.

  2. Love the idea of this, but I don’t undrstand how you can scrapbook on your tablet with just having the files, don’t you have to have PSE on it as well and to my knowledge there isn’t a way to instal PSE on your tablet. Please enlighten me, I’d love to scrapbook on my tablet. And does it work for Android tablets as well? Thanks, Linda

  3. Angie Durr says:

    Many apps support layering. I like Keynote and Adobe Photoshop Touch best. I actually used the Photoshop Touch app for the horse layout. Art Rage supports layers too but I have not had as much success with that one, but I think Art Rage has potential too. I was on vacation so I apologize for not replying sooner.

  4. I’m a big fan of Dropbox, too. What apps do you use that support layering?

  5. Sandy Stewart says:

    I am curious also about what software/app you use for scrapbooking on your iPad. I have had Dropbox for years but can’t seem to find an app that allows me to do pages like I can in PSE or PS on my computer. I would love to know what you use – especially if you did the layout of the girl with the horse on your iPad!!!

  6. Jerrie Hall says:

    What are the apps that you use on your devices?


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