Printable Gift Card Set Tutorial


This holder contains four homemade cards, envelopes, and a matching pen. Who wouldn’t love to receive this wonderful, printable gift card set?

Supplies used:
Digital scrapbooking collections
8.5×11-inch cardstock for printing
Regular copy paper for creating the envelopes
6×6-inch top-loading page protector
Paper cutter or scissors
Circle punch & 1/8-inch hole punch
Glitter pen
Needle and thread
Velcro-brand dots (or any hook-and-loop closures in a circle shape)
Pen with a screw-off end

Optional items: (if you are going to make your own envelope)
¼- to ½-inch paint brush
Non-toxic glue, such as Elmer’s brand (for envelope)
White vinegar (for envelope)
Flavoring, such as peppermint extract (for envelope)


Step 1: Open a new blank document measuring 8.5×11 inches.

Step 2: Choose a paper from your favorite digital scrapbooking kit and scale it to 6×6 inches.

Step 3: Create a 1 3/4×6-inch strip and use the same paper for the top of your gift card holder.
Add any digital elements you want to use for the look you want, then print.

For my holder and cards, I used Angela Blanchard’s Birdsong Collection.

Step 4: Print out on a piece of white cardstock.



If you are going to make coordinating envelopes, open the free Printable Envelope Template Special  and place the paper or papers (if you want to print both sides) onto the template.

On this same document, create a ¾-inch x 5-inch strip of the paper that you used for your gift card holder (you may have to cut the length to fit into the pen).

Print out on a piece of copy paper.


For the coordinating cards that will be included in my holder, I placed six birds from the Birdsong Collection into my document, added my sentiment, and printed. I took a 3-inch circle punch and cut out the birds with the sentiment. You can use any shape and embellishments that you like.

Next, I printed another coordinating paper from the collection and took a 3½-inch scallop circle punch for the base to my 3-inch circle.


Printable-Gift-Card-Set-Tutorial-4You are done printing! Now it’s time to start assembling your Gift Card Set!


Step 1: For the base of your holder, take a piece of white cardstock and cut it to 6.25×8.5 inches, then score at 2 inches and at 2¼ inches. Fold on your score lines. This will make your holder base.

Step 2: Take your 6×6-inch page protector and trim off the post side, getting close to the seam but not cutting it. Adhere your page protector to your white cardstock base. I used a sticky strip tape for my project and placed it on my page protector. Make sure you have the opening of your page protector up and place it onto the cardstock base with the folds of the holder facing you; this is the trickiest part, so take your time and make sure that everything is lined up.


Step 3: Cut your 6×6-inch printed paper and insert it into the page protector. Cut your 1¾ inch x 6 inch strip and place it onto the top cover of your holder. Take your hole punch and on the ¼-inch score line, go in approximately ½ inch and punch a hole on each side. Take a piece of ribbon and put it through the holes and tie a knot. This makes the handle for the holder. I used a piece that was 9 inches long because that’s the handle length that I wanted, but you can adjust this to your liking. Next, take your Velcro-brand closure, and with the hook and loop sides attached to each other, place on the underside of your top lid in the center and secure; close top lid down to adhere the Velcro to the base of your holder. Add any embellishments you would like to the top flap. I made a rosette with a gem in the center.


Step 4: Take off the end of the pen, roll the ¾-inch x 5-inch strip around the pen insert and place back in the pen.

Step 5: Fold the envelopes on the score lines and glue sides. Add your homemade glue to the inside top flap for sealing to mail.

Recipe for envelope glue:

1 tsp. Elmer’s-brand Non-Toxic Glue

½ tsp. White Vinegar

2 drops flavoring (I used Peppermint Extract)

Step 6: Create your card base by cutting an 8.5×11-inch piece of cardstock in half to make a 4.25 x 5.5-inch (A2 size) card. Assemble the cards.


Place the cards, envelopes, and pen inside your gift card holder.



Digital scrapbooking supplies used:

Birdsong Collection

We would love to see your gift card sets! Show off your projects in the Scrap Girls Hybrid Gallery.


Tutorial written by Sherry Davis


  1. Pretty card set and great tutorial Sherry, Thanks.

  2. Sara Arell says:

    You are so creative and talented! I love this idea and the cards you made were just lovely. Thanks for the tut and for making the directions so step by step that they are so easy to follow. Beautifully done, Sherry

  3. Wow! Sherry this is pretty and relatively simple. I think I might give this one a whirl. Thanks!

  4. This is adorable Sherry! I can’t wait to try it. Great tutorial!

  5. I absolutely love this! What a sweet gift! Thanks, Sherry!

  6. Lori Blair says:

    Love this set of gift cards! Great idea!


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