Printable Father’s Day Mini Album

fathers day mini album

I have been looking for a special way to recognize my Dad this Father’s Day.  I wanted to use my digital scrapbooking supplies to create a mini album or a Father’s Day card that would tell him how his life has influenced my life and to thank him for being such a great Dad.

My mini album covers tend to be embellished in a feminine kind of way or grungy with lots of layers. Neither would suit my Dad.  I knew I could make the digital scrapbooking layouts masculine but what to do about the cover?  My husband inadvertently gave me a solution.  He has recently taken a renewed interest in a coin collecting hobby he has had since he was a child.  He had some coins in binder sheets and some coins in Whitman Coin Folders.  He decided to move everything to the binder sheets.

As the empty coin folders began to accumulate on the kitchen island I realized that they would make a great album cover and pages for my Dad’s Father’s Day gift.  I chose the folder with the dates that held his birth year for my project.

Digital scrapbooking supplies used:
Outdoor Digital kit
ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Picture Book
Lettering Delights Remington Portable Font

Craft supplies used:
Scissors, paper cutter
Paper – Double sided matt photo paper
Adhesive – two sided tape
Distress ink

coin folder

Step 1 – If there were coins in your folder photograph the pages.  Use the quick collection tool to select the unwanted parts of your photograph and delete.


Step 2 –  Measure your coin folder and open 5 new documents  in PSE  sized slightly smaller than your coin folder (5.5 x 7.25 inches).   Create 4 digital layouts. Drag on digital scrapbooking templates resizing as needed.  Add photographs and resize.  Drag the picture(s) created in step one onto the 5th document resizing as needed.


Step 3 – Add digital scrapbooking paper, embellishments and journaling to your 4 layouts.


Step 4 – Open 8.5 x 11 document(s), drag on your layouts to create print sheets.  Print.

Step 5 - Cut out your layouts and distress all edges with ink.  Adhere 4 layouts to coin folder pages with 2 sided tape only on the top.  This will allow the coin folder pages to be viewed underneath the printable digital scrapbooking layouts.


Step 6 – If you have pictures of the coins originally in the folders, adhere them together with 2 sided tape.


Step 7 – Use a rubber band as a closure and insert coin pictures under rubber band on back cover.



fathers day mini album

Going through old family photos brought back many happy memories.  I hope my Dad will enjoy his altered coin folder.  We would love to see how you use your digital scrapbooking supplies to create your own Father’s Day Mini Album.  Post them in the Scrap Girls Hybrid Gallery.

Live each day creatively,


Karen Webb Hybrid Team Member

Tutorial written by Karen Webb


  1. You are so smart! I never would have thought to use coin folders for an album!!!

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