March (2012) Newsletter Archive

Sometimes the ScrapGirls digital scrapbooking newsletter is just so good that you want to be able to reference it again and again! With beautiful digital layouts, digital scrapbooking tutorials, Muses by Ro, and articles from the girls at ScrapGirls, you’ll love having everything here at your fingertips!
Here is the archive for all of the newsletters in March 2012.

Thursday, March 1:  Software Review – Photoshop Elements 10
Friday, March 2:  Using the Burn and Dodge Tool
Saturday, March 3:   In A Split Second
Monday, March 5:  Perfect Timing
Tuesday, March 6: Six Steps to Solving the Unsolvable
Wednesday, March 7:   Layering Embellishments
Thursday, March 8:   Converting a Photo to Black-and-White
Friday, March 9:   How to Digitally Sketch a Portrait
Saturday, March 10:  Always my Baby
Monday, March 12:  Sharing Memories
Tuesday, March 13:  Adding Direction to your Layouts
Wednesday, March 14:  Do you Say “Yes!” to Your Life?
Thursday, March 15:  Life Scrapbooks – Keeping a Workout Journal
Friday, March 16:  What are Blending Modes?
Saturday, March 17:  Meet March’s Member of the Month
Monday, March 19:  A Funny Moment
Tuesday, March 20:  My Life’s Journal
Wednesday, March 21:   Is This the Best Cake Recipe in the World?
Thursday, March 22:  Scrap Girls’ Best Kept Secret
Friday, March 23:  Get Crafty with the Scrap Girls Club
Saturday, March 24:  Who Do You Think Won?
Monday, March 26:  Have You Ever Answered These 30 Questions?
Tuesday, March 27:  Finding Forgotten Treasures
Wednesday, March 28:  What Do You Do To Cheer Yourself Up When You Need It?
Thursday, March 29:  You Need to See This – Are Your Memories Degrading?
Friday, March 30:  The Magic Of Masks
Saturday, March 31:  And The Winners Are…

Weekly Newsletter Round-Up, March 2012.
March 5 – 10
March 12 – 17
March 19 – 24
March 26 – 31


  1. Kathy Simkins says:

    I just got onto the Scrap Girls BLOG and I LOVE it! How neat to be able to access the Scrap Girls newsletters. I have often thought that it would be cool to be able to do that! Thanks for reading my mind! I really love all that your team does!

  2. I tried to sign up for the newsletter but received an error message. I tried a second time and the same thing happened. Would you please manually add me to the list?

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