Eggstra Special Card Using the Silhouette and FREE Cutting Files!

I have some exciting news for you! Scrap Girls is partnering with Silhouette to bring you inspiring new tutorials and great coupons and promotions on Silhouette’s great line of products!  We will be focusing on how to use your digital scrapbooking stash along with the Silhouette to create amazing hybrid layouts, cards, home decor and more!  You will not believe how amazing and fun this product along with your digi stash can be! This month Silhouette is offering discounts on both their popular Silhouette machines as well as the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software. Check out the ad at the end of the tutorial; and make sure to use the Code: SCRAPGIRLS during checkout to receive your discount!

Lori Aragon LOVES her Silhouette Cameo and created this wonderful tutorial just for you using this set of FREE cutting files! Download the FREEBIE below.


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Do you have a favorite Season?  I’ve been saying the same thing for years now…  “I wish it could be Spring all year long!”  I love the weather especially; not too hot and not too cold!!!  Yes, Spring is just around the corner and it’s a bright and cheery time of year : )

The project I’m going to show you today uses another one of my favorites:  Silhouette Cameo ♥ and the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software.

My Cameo is not only one of my favorites, but it’s at the top of my ‘must have’ list!  I honestly don’t know how I ever got along without it lol!  When I found out that Syndee Nuckles was designing a cuttable file freebie, I was doing the ‘happy dance’ for days!!!!!!  I’m soooo excited to share the card I made using her sweet Eggstra Special Cut Files.  Enjoy!

Digital scrapbooking supplies used:
Eggstra Special Cutting Files
Citrus Splash Collection Mini
Citrus Splash Paper Mini 2

Supplies used:
Digital scrapbooking supplies
Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Designers Edition Software
HP Brochure Paper, Matte 48lb.
White Cardstock
Black Cardstock
Stardust Stickles
1/8″ and 1″ White Ribbon
Metallic Thread
Quickie Glue Pen, Best Glue Ever, Scotch Tape
Paper cutter, Scissors, Hole Punch


Step 1 - Open Eggstra Special Card Cut File in your Silhouette Designers Edition Software.


Step 2- Open your choice of digital scrapbooking paper and drop into the Card Cut File.


Step 3 - Since I used HP Matte Brochure Paper in 8.5″ x 11″ I needed to rotate the Cut File to fit properly on the page.


Step 4 - Open the Scallop Matte Cut File and resize if desired.  To make sure the oval and outside scallop resize together, select both of them, right click with your mouse and click on ‘Group.’

Here I begin to design my card front… ‘I wanted to fit three across on my 4.25″ x 5.5″ inch card base.


Step 5 - Because I wanted only the ovals to cut, I ungrouped the Scallop Matte and placed the Scallop Frame portion to the side.  For print and cut, remove the color of the oval so it doesn’t print by selecting Fill Color and Transparent.


Step 6 - Open the Registration Marks Window and check the box Show Reg Marks.  Position your card base between these marks.  You’ll notice to the right, you can adjust the marks if necessary by clicking on the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom Margins. Note: The blue line is a guide line I used to see where my card folded.


Step 7 - Check to see how your image will cut by clicking on the scissors at the top.  This opens the ‘Cut Style’ window.  Click on your card base (and ovals if you haven’t grouped them together) to select, then make sure that ‘Cut’ is highlighted.


Step 8 – Before sending to printer, I’ve changed the colored lines of the oval to transparent.  They are still there and will cut, but since I have them black for this tutorial, I didn’t want the black lines to print!  Change line color by clicking on the colored lines at the top and choosing a color on the right.


Step 9 – After printing on the Brochure Paper (which gives a wonderful color!) I placed it on the Silhouette Cutting Mat, making sure I placed it the same way it looked on my computer screen.  You’ll see the arrow showing you which way the mat will go into the Silhouette first and how your paper is oriented, either Portrait or Landscape.

Here you’ll set your Silhouette Cut Settings.  These are the settings I used for the Brochure Paper.  You can scroll through this box to find most types of paper and the software will tell you what your blade setting should be!!!


Step 10 – Ready for another print and cut!  Again, I opened the digital scrapbooking paper from Syndee’s Citrus Splash Collection and dropped them into the files as shown above.


Step 11 – For more stability, I cut the card a second time with white cardstock.  I’ve also print and cut three egg shapes which I sized to fit in the center of the ovals.


Step 12 -  Cut a piece of thread the length desired for your project.  I cut mine about 4 inches.  I taped one end of the thread to the back of an egg and glued it’s twin together.  They are back to back, so as they hang, you can see color from both sides.


 Step 13 – Score both white and patterned card bases so they will fold in half (but don’t fold yet!)  Position eggs so they will hang in the center of the ovals and tape the top end of the thread to the outside of the white card base.


Step 14 – Tie ribbon around the lower portion of the patterned card base and adhere on top of the white card base.


Step 15- Using a hole punch, I ‘eye-balled’ where the holes should go in the center of each scallop.  Adhere ‘You R… Eggstra Special’ and embellish as desired.


Tip:  You’ll probably want to decorate the eggs before hanging on the card base.  I decorated them after and it was a little difficult trying to get in the small areas!

Note:  I subtracted the oval from the scallop in the Silhouette software, creating a frame which I used to decorate the inside and outside of each oval cutout.  I also created the additional words, ‘You and R.’

Why not try this super cute project with your favorite Scrap Girls Digital Scrapbooking Supplies, then upload your fabulous work to the Scrap Girls Hybrid Gallery.  See ya there!

Check out these great deals on the Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Portrait as well as the Silhouette Studio Designer Software! Please click HERE to take advantage of this month’s discount and don’t forget to enter SCRAPGIRLS as the promo code. Hurry this offer is only good thru March 8th!

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  Tutorial written by Lori Aragon

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  1. I recently purchased the Silhouette Cameo bundle to do etchings and vinyl. I am not a scrap book person but, I like the idea of making some cards. Love your tutorials but, in order to do this Easter card do I have to have the Silhouette Designer Edition of software? Is it worth it to get the software if I still very new to this and just learning?

    • Hi Evelyn!
      No you do not have to have the Designer Edition to do this Easter card or any other cards :)

    • Mary McLeod says:

      Lori: I have been following your tutorial. I am having a couple of problems.
      In Step 2, you click and drag a digital paper onto the card base. When I do this, the paper fills the whole screen and I have to play around with the corners to get it to fit the paper-size card. How do you get it to just fit? Secondly, when you have done that, the paper seems to immediately take on the scallopped edge. With mine I have to place it so that it comes over the edge of the scallops otherwise they won’t print. What am I doing wrong?

      • Hi Mary! No worries!!! When you drag the digital paper onto the card base shape are you making sure that you aren’t releasing your mouse until the pointer is within the shape? If you release too early, it will fill the page instead of the shape. You might also want to try clicking the card base shape first so that it’s selected before dragging the paper onto it. Let me know if this works for you!

  2. Sherry_Lynn says:

    I love my Silhouette Cameo — thanks for the free cutting files AND the great tutorial Lori AND card!

  3. I have been trying to order the Cameo and software bundle since Friday. the code did not work on the machines only on the software. When I called Silhouette they sent me to SG. the girls at SG have been so helpful trying to get this sorted out. first we had to convince Silhouette it was on their end. Now we wait till Monday. I am sure they will make good on the sale. It will reflect that no orders were placed taking advantage of the sale so that will validate our situation.
    Cheers to new Cameos coming our way soon!
    Thank you SG Gals! you rock! :)

    • Oh Selena… Well said!!! I’m sorry you’ve also been having trouble, but I see that you are a fighter and will not give up hope :) I look forward to the day when you are posting projects using your new Cameo! And as far as Scrap Girls gals go – I’m totally with you, they DO rock!!!
      Love and blessings, Lori

  4. Candace Harris says:

    I would like to order the Silhouette before the new deadline of March 10 but the link you provide takes me to a page where it says the promotion is over. Any advice or help?

    • Candace, we have calls into the company but they are closed over the weekend. We will jot down your name and let you know how to order as soon as we get this sorted out with the Silhouette company.

      • Candace Harris says:

        Thanks, Syndee. I managed to get to the order page by creating an account, but after inputting the promo code, the message is that it is invalid. Thanks for being on this; I hope I don’t miss the deal!

  5. Just letting you know this is what showed up when I went to the link from this page.
    I hope they fix it.

    Silhouette CAMEO® and Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition bundle

    Sorry, this limited time offer has now expired.

    • Hi Dotted! Oh I am so disappointed as I’m sure you are! Hang in there…I’ll let Syndee know what’s going on :( Love and blessings, Lori

  6. So, I didn’t ever hear anytihng about the code not working. Guess I lost out on that deal. I think it’s fair to say that I’m pretty dissapointed. I usually get responses back from you guys.

    • Peggy,
      So sorry we didn’t get back to you sooner! Good news! The sale has been extended till the 10th! Did you follow the link from the Eggstra Card tutorial? It has to be that specific link or the discount code will not work. If you try again and it still doesn’t work please email me at syndee@ and I will contact Silhouette and get this worked out for you!

    • Hi Peggy! I am SO SORRY that 1. The code didn’t work for you and 2. You didn’t receive a reply sooner :( I apologize profusely!!! I do not know what the problem was/is with the code, but I know that other sites have extended the promotion… I’m hoping that might be the case here as well, but I don’t have any say in the matter. I’m also hoping that you will able to receive this special deal, as I know how disappointing it is when things don’t work properly. Don’t give up yet : )
      Love and blessings, Lori

  7. loretta says:

    Thought the promo for the Silhouette was a great idea $269.99 UNTIL I tried to use the code….

    SCRAPGIRLS did not generate any discount. Instead a waste of my time and made me upset. Even
    their support people didn’t help!

    • Syndee Rogers-Nuckles says:

      Loretta, sorry you had trouble, Silhouette has been having trouble on their end so they have extended the offer through the 10th. Please email me at if you continue to have trouble and épée will sort this out.

    • Oh Loretta, I’m so sorry this happened! How very frustrating : ( I see that Syndee has posted that the promotion has been extended until March 10! She also says that you MUST use the link from this post with the SCRAPGIRLS discount code to receive the discount. I hope you’ll give it another shot! Let us know if you continue to have trouble. Syndee will make it right : )
      Love and blessings, Lori

  8. I still can’t get the code to work. SCRAPGIRLS, right? What am I doing wrong?

  9. I feel like I am the only one out there who dosen’t know what a SVG file is can you enlighten me? Also am I correct that you can only trace png files and cut those from our stash?

    • Barbara says:

      First let me say I love Scrap Girls. I had a problem with a download late one evening last week. Sent and email for help (not expecting an answer until the A.M.) help came within minutes. Thanks you!
      I’m just getting acquainted with my Cameo. I didn’t purchase the Designer software in the beginning because I didn’t know if I needed it. I still don’t. What can I do with the upgraded software I can’t do with the standard. I’m somewhat of a novice, I know what SVG stands for but typically what program produces those files and why do I need to be able to use them over and above the .png files?

      • Hi Barbara! I’m happy to hear that Scrap Girls has been so helpful for you…I love them too!
        I do understand your questions about the Designers Software as I had those exact concerns. The truth is…that as long as you only want to use .studio or .png files, you should be good to go! I got to the point where I decided I wanted the option of using .svgs that others created, and then I wanted even more options of customizing those files (for example with the knife tool which allows you to cut – maybe I only want a portion of the image). If you are interested at all in creating your own files, the DE is for you :) I personally have also used Make the Cut which allows you to export the file as an .svg among other file types (not .studio though). I mention this as you asked what programs have the .svgs. There are others I’m sure. In conclusion, you may want to stay with the basic software for now…but again, if you think you might grow out of that in the future, now is a great deal as I paid $49.99 for the Designers Edition!
        I hope this gives you a little more information!
        Love and blessings, Lori

  10. Sounds wonderful but I don’t know if I am understanding correctly. You say you can trace png files and cut and also SVG files. What are SVG files? Also what do you mean by tracing the png files? I am sorry if I appear dumb but I am trying to understand this. Also can we cut anything else besides these 2 type of files. Thanks.

    • Hi Carole! I know it’s kind of hard to understand by words alone. I’m hoping to see more tutorials to show specific techniques and actions. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. This is a type of graphic file that allows you to resize images without losing quality! One type of cutting file is SVG. Silhouette cut files made in the Silhouette Studio software are Studio files.

      To make a cut file in the Silhouette software using a png file, there is a trace feature which will create an outline of the image, creating the new cut file :) With the Designers Edition, you can import various files into the software not just png and svg.

  11. Am I understanding the tutorial correctly that a page of embellishments can first be printed and then the Silhouette will know where on the paper each item is located and will cut around them accurately? Am I also understanding that one must use the Silhouette software interface in order to cut any and all images, no matter the format? For instance, one cannot make a project sheet in PS and then cut it on the Silhouette – the project would need to be created in the Silhouette software interface, correct?

    • Hi Sari Great questions! Yes you can print a page of embellishments from the Silhouette software making sure the items are within the registration marks because it uses those registration marks to know where to cut.

      You don’t have to create files in the Silhouette Software to cut them.The Designers Edition allows you to import SVG files, and you can also trace PNG files from Scrap Girls you might already own with (I believe) the software that comes with the Silhouette. There are many options!

      I hope this helps!

  12. Orrinda says:

    Can the software be loaded on to more than one computer or do separate copies need to be purchased? We have multiple computers in the house and the possibility of more than one user for the cutter.

    • Syndee Rogers-Nuckles says:

      I am guessing that it’s for just one computer since the cutting machine itself needs to be hooked up to a computer to work and
      you need to put in the upgrade code for the Designers software.

    • Hi Orrinda!

      I’m not positive about the answer to your question…I will confirm and get back to you!

  13. punkiesstuff says:

    Does the Silhouette machine use PNG files such as the ones from all my previous purchases from Scrapgirls? Or does it only use SVG files to work?

    • Yes the Silhouette will use png files which you can then trace and cut! The Designers Edition allows you to also import svg files :)

  14. Great tutorial Lori. I am just learning how to use mine and am looking forward to learning more. Love the cutting file Syndee.

  15. Carmencitaliana says:

    Will this work with PaintShopPro? Thanks!

  16. Does the Silhouette use PNG files? Or do I have to buy special files to use on the Silhouette?

  17. Thank you for the free cutting file and the tutorial! I love my Silhouette and use it all the time!

  18. This looks like a great product and I am excited to learn about it. Scrap Girls should try to get a better discount code because the Portrait can be bought at for $1 less ($178.99) and with free shipping. On the Silhouette website the cost is $1more ($179.99) with the promo code and shipping is $11.

    • Hi Jennifer, the Portrait machine on doesn’t come with the Sihouette Studio Designer Software which is a $49.99 value, the software is awesome, I highly recommend it! The Silhoette Studio Designer software is $39.99 on Overstock and with our Promo code it’s only $24.99 on Silhouette :)

  19. Cute file and card. Too bad its just in the Silhouette format. There are thousands of us out here with other cutters, most of which universally recognize the SVG format, as does the Silhouette, I believe.

    Less than impressed, I’m sad to say.

    • Deb,
      We’ve got you covered! If you look at the marketing for the cutting files you will see at the top that it says we have included PNG files as well :). That means anyone who can use PNG files can use these fun files :)

  20. Thanks for the fantastic tutorial, Lori! And thanks for the free cutting files!

  21. THANK YOU for the great tutorial Lori! I have a Silhouette SD and I LOVE it! This is VERY exciting news as well!
    I’m curious which printer you use? I am trying to decide on which color printer I want to buy and cannot just yet…

    • Hi Donna! Yes, the Silhouette is awesome :D
      I use an HP Officejet I’ve had for about a year. I purchased it at Costco and I’m very pleased with the print quality! I also like the Officejet because it uses separate cartridges for the colors instead of all of them together…so when one color runs out, I only have to change the one! Hope you find the printer that works for you :) xoxo Lori

  22. the code comes up as invalid on the silhouette site.

  23. You sure can Jerrie, you only need the Silhouette Studio that comes with your machine :)

  24. Lori…What a fabulous tutorial! I don’t have the Designer software YET….can I make this card with the basic software that comes with the Silhouette?

    • Jerrie, did you see Syndee’s reply above your comment? Yes, you can use the software that comes with the Silhouette. The Designers Edition allows you to do more though – including importing SVGs!

  25. LOVE my Silhouette! Thank you for the free cutting file, SG, and the great tutorial, Lori!


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