DIY: Printable Treat Bag Toppers


I recently spent some time with my sister in law in New York. She runs a daycare and every Friday during the summer, she has a party for the kids with different themes. Almost every party includes a treat bag and she makes the bag topper using paper supplies. It takes her a long time to make each one. As I helped her make some for the next party, I thought Digital Scrapbooking could make this so much easier for her!

Digital scrapbooking supplies used:

ScrapSimple Craft Templates: Treat Bag Topper
ScrapSimple Craft Templates: Treat Bag Toppers 2
ScrapSimple Tools – Styles: Basic Shadows 6501

For Thank You – Miniature Candy Bars:Artsy Spirit Paper Mini
Artsy Spirit digital kit
For Snowman Soup – hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, Hershey Kiss:
Winter Colors digital kit
For Smores – Chocolate Bar, graham crackers, marshmallow:
Camp Trip digital kit
Camp digital kit
For Halloween – Miniature Candy Bars:
Hallow’s Eve Collection Biggie
Halloween Border Embellishments
Halloween Memories digital kit
For Reindeer Noses – M & M’s:
Candy Cane Kisses digital kit
A Little Bit of Holly digital kit
For Carnival – Popcorn:
JIF 6 digital kit: 12×12 Carnival Ride
For Western – Trail Mix (peanuts, M & M’s, raisins):
Urban Cowgirl digital kit

Craft supplies used:
Bags-lunch bags, plastic sandwich bags or plastic snack bags
Goodies for the bags!

Ask anyone on Scrap Girls…I’m a template addict! So when I saw Syndee Nuckles’ ScrapSimple Craft Templates: Treat Bag Topper and ScrapSimple Craft Templates: Treat Bag Toppers 2, I knew the hard design process would be a snap! To get started, I opened Photoshop and my digital scrapbooking supplies on my computer and measured my plastic baggies. They are about 7 inches wide, so I know my document should be that wide, and about 5 inches high. The topper will be folded over so only 2.5 inches will show on each side. If you use a taller bag, you could definitely make your topper taller.

My sister in law had just thrown her Carnival themed party and had a few treat bags leftover. I decided to show her what I could do in a fraction of the time. Using the ScrapSimple Craft Templates: Treat Bag Topper, I chose the background design I wanted and dragged that into my document in Photoshop. Using the guides, I created a new horizontal guide at 2.5 inches so that I had a visual of where the fold will be. Then I found digital papers, embellishments and word art and created a little layout.


I decided to have all the embellishments on the front side of the topper and leave the backside without embellishments. I printed the topper out on cardstock, cut it out, scored it at 2.5 inches and it was done! Fast, cute and fun. But what if you have a patterned paper? I don’t want the pattern to be upside down when I fold it over!

For my Thank You bag topper, I chose to use a larger bag, so I needed a larger topper. I created the topper just like in the Carnival example above, but added one extra step. I duplicated the background layer and rotated it 180 degrees. To do this, I dragged the background layer to the Create New Layer Icon in my layers palette. Then I clicked on Edit>Transform>Rotate 180 degrees. I lined up the edge of the rotated paper with the fold line. It looked like this:

 treat bag topper rotated

Again, I printed it out, cut it out and it was done! But what if you have more time and desire to play around a bit? Instead of printing the embellishments with the toppers, you could drag them over to a new, letter sized document and print them separately. You could cut them by hand, or use a Silhouette cutter. Then just attach the embellishments with a tape gun or glue. That’s just what I did below so the snowman would stand out more on the Snowman Soup Topper I created.

 embellish treat bag topper

Once you have your goody bags filled and your toppers printed, cut and folded, it’s time to attach them! You can use glue, a tape gun or staples. I’ve found that staples work the best  for easiest access to the goodies!

 attach toppers to plastic filled baggies

Don’t these look tempting?

 completed treat bags

So next time you have a party planned, don’t forget to add a cute goody bag with a handmade topper! The possibilities are endless! We’d love to see what you can dream up! Post your toppers in the Scrap Girls Hybrid Gallery for us all to see.

 Carla Shute

Tutorial written by Carla Shute


  1. Is there any way I can get you to design a bag topper for me to use specific to my ministry? We have our own logo that I would like to use on the bag topper. Let me know.

    Thank you!

  2. This is sooooo adorable! Great tutorial Carla!

  3. Carla these are so CUTE and your tutorial is great. Love all the samples. They show the endless possibilities.

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