Breaking Down the Digital Scrapbook Layout 3 Video!

Brandy Murry has another video installment in her ‘Breaking Down the Layout’ series! Follow along with Brandy as she puts together a beautiful digital scrapbook layout! Thanks Brandy!

Digital scrapbooking products used in this layout.

Fonts: Scorched Earth & Before the Rain


  1. is there an action option for those of us who don’t have PSE 11? Can this silhouette idea be achieved another way in the earlier versions?

    • Brandy M says:

      Hello Sa Not!
      Thanks for asking. This action uses layer masks, that is the reason it isn’t offered in earlier versions of PSE. I wish it could!

  2. Hello Brandy, I bought the silhouette action a few days earlier and tried to follow this tutorial, but when I try the action on one of my photos, it ends in a grey scale picture with no transparencies :((
    What am I doing wrong ? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Brandy M says:

      Hello Yokomi!

      I think it might be your color settings. Check to see if your color setting are the following:

      Edit>Color Settings
      Make sure the RGB is : sRGBIEC…. (from the drop down menu)

      I have had a few people with this problem and it all came back to the color setting being different. I created it with the standard, but it’s different in different parts of the world. I hope it helps. If you need further help you can email me at

  3. grambie/shirl says:

    I really love that you include eye-catching videos to many of your actions that are extremely helpful. I had viewed this video earlier. Since I purchased the action and the paper, I am privileged to have the extended version. Thank you for another excellent product that enhances our layout designs along with the many steps that it eliminates for me. Hugs.

    • Brandy M says:

      Thank you so much Miss Shirl, I am so glad you like them. Comments like this keep me going when I think there is no other good ideas in my head. HUGS back

  4. jode2771 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these videos… I ALWAYS learn something new watching them :-) Thanks Brandy for making it and Syndee for posting here!

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