Behind the Scenes: Durin Eberhart’s December Scrap Girls Club!

december scrap girls clubEach month we get a glimpse behind the scenes of our Scrap Girls Club designers, and this month’s designer is Durin Eberhart!

When you started working on your club, what was the first thing you did?

My first step in designing this club was to establish the color scheme. Since this club was to be featured in December, the color scheme had to include some red and some green, but had to balance with other non-Christmassy colors as well. I scoured Pinterest and my personal inspiration files for color inspiration and made sample color tables from those images. From there I chose the scheme I liked best then narrowed it down to about 16 colors.

december 2013 color swatch

What inspired the colors in your club?

Christmas! Having the December Scrap Girls club is a challenge because while the goal of the SG club is to offer versatile club products, it’s difficult to overlook the fact that Christmas is everywhere this time of year and many of us are making gifts and Christmas themed products. Making a club that included a lot of red and green without being overly Christmas made sense.

merrydale digital scrapbooking kit

The club includes several products. Did you start and complete each one before moving on to the next?

I almost always start a collection with paper and make sure the colors are balanced and the designs work together. I keep the paper sample marketing graphics on my Photoshop workspace as a reference as I design the rest of the collection. Everything else is built around that foundation and uses elements from the paper. For this collection I finished all the paper first, with a few revisions.

merrydale paper samples

What was your favorite thing to design?

The embellishment mini stamps were my favorite product to design because I chose interesting images that could stray outside the color scheme a bit. Those embellishments were designed to be fun, and honestly I had fun designing them. I see them like tiny pieces of art, and will definitely design similar products in the future.

merrydale embellishment stamps mini

About how long did it take you to design this club?

Much longer than it should, because many exciting things were happening in my personal life during this time. My son was away at Army Basic Training when I was asked to do this club, so much of my time was spent writing letters to him (yes, snail mail was all that was allowed), and I made two one week trips to visit him at his graduations. And no matter how honorable my intentions were to work on these trips, I simply could not take my attention away from my incredible son! Two weeks before the club release date my son was able to come home, so we have had a very happy holiday season so far!


merrydale embellishment samples

How did you come up with the name of your club?

I wanted the club name to have some reference to Christmas and also convey happiness, and after considering several variations (and doing some Google research) I decided on “Merrydale”.

merrydale digital scrapbooking products


 merrydale digital scrapbook layout



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