Behind the Scenes: Ang Campbell’s April ScrapSimple Club

April 2013 scrapsimple club

Each month we get a glimpse behind the scenes of our Scrap Girls ScrapSimple Club designers, and this month’s designer is Ang Campbell! 

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When you started working on your club, what was the first thing you did?

I had been exploring Pinterest and fallen in love with the look of paper filigree (aka quilling) and knew it would be such a pretty form of paper art to include on digital scrapbooking layouts. I had never tried my hand at it before though so I was nervous that it would be a tricky art to master. I bought a quilling kit at the craft store which included the paper, tools, glue and basic instructions on how to create simple little shapes and designs. I dove right in and started spinning, twirling and wrapping paper strips on the quilling tools. I made tight scrolls and loose scrolls and tried my hand at various pinched and formed shapes. I found the whole experience to be completely enjoyable and calming! Pretty soon I had a desk covered in quilled shapes and designs. It was a fun jumping off point for my ScrapSimple Club design process.

may scrapsimple club quilling

Where did you find the inspiration for this club?

I was not only smitten by the look of quilling, but had also found another new love since recently moving to the New Orleans area. The French Quarter in New Orleans is an architectural dreamscape, with colors and textures that almost overwhelm the senses. One consistent design look throughout the area is the amazing iron filigree work adorning balconies, gates, doorways and railing. The variety of filigree styles is amazing! I took a walk through the Quarter and snapped a LOT of photos that inspired the design and feel of many parts of the April ScrapSimple Club.

may scrapsimple club inspiration

The club includes several products. Did you start and complete each one before moving on to the next?

Nope! I started with a few papers as I usually do because I need to feel like I’ve got the base of the layouts covered right from the get go. But I design my layouts while I’m designing the various components of the Club so when I need a particular embellishment for a layout I create it right then. That was how I realized I really needed to create a quilled sun. I had photos of my daughter playing at the park on a swing. She was already wearing a floral shirt and I felt that adding quilled flowers to the layout might be a little overkill. The photos were very sunshine-y, which inspired the title of the layout (“Fun in the Sun”) which in turn inspired me to design the quilled sun that is included in the ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Filigree Fun.

digital scrapbooking layout using scrapsimple club

What was your favorite thing to design?

I loved creating the various flowers and embellishments. I enjoyed the process of doing the actual paper quilling, photographing my basic shapes and then combining the basic shapes to create flower and embellishment designs. Aside from the enormous amount of extracting (ugh!) the whole process was a lot of fun.

ACA_SSEmb_FiligreeFlowers_MKTG_600 digital scrapbooking quilling embellishments

About how long did it take you to design this club?

I got started designing in mid-January and then got sidetracked by Mardi Gras in New Orleans and was inspired to do a little design work to capture that event that we were experiencing as a family for the first time, and then I got back to work on the Club products. I finished up the design work by about the end of February.

april scrapsimple club alpha

How did you come up with the name of your club?

Designs inspired by paper filigree plus iron filigree = Filigree Fun of course!

digital scrapbooking layout using april scrapsimple club

Thanks so much Ang for sharing a bit of your design process with us!








  1. Wow…Filigree shapes are perfect and am loving this combo of digital and paper filigree :)

  2. Love this! Ang, your digital quilling is so impressive. I’m always happy to see new uses for quilling.

    • Glad you like it Ann :) It was so fun learning how to do some basic quilling and then experiment with fun creations. Thanks so much!

  3. I love to hear about the inspiration behind the clubs. Thanks for sharing and for all your hard work on this one!

  4. Great pictures of the French Quarter, and nice story–thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Isn’t the French Quarter just a beautiful place? I love meandering through the streets and seeing what there is to see!

  5. Love the background info and all of the detail in this kit.

  6. Melanie Cockshott says:

    Thanks for sharing your process with us. I have been wondering how you got all those great shapes and details!

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