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Gradient Map Magic

Audience: Beginners Category: Techniques Operating System: Windows 8 Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Gradient Map Magic by Anna Mansfield I love black-and-white photos and sepia photos for many reasons. Sometimes, a little less color helps to capture the mood of the moment better. Plus, some full color pictures are full of distractions. Removing the color […]

Using the Gradient Tool to Add Color to Brushes

Audience: Intermediate Category: Photoshop Tips and Tools Operating System: Windows 7 Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 In this tutorial, I am going to share with you another quick and easy way to add some color to your brushwork or your ScrapSimple products. It draws on skills you already have, but just uses them a little […]

Blend Your Photos Into Your Background Using the Gradient Tool

blend photos using gradient

Audience: Intermediate Category: Layout Techniques Operating System: Windows 7 Software: PSE 12 Stop! Don’t run away! Come back…. I know the words Gradient Tool can be a little daunting but you are going to love this technique. It’s super simple, super versatile, and most importantly, a great timesaver. Yes, really. As digital scrapbookers, one of […]

Fun with Gradient Maps in PSE 11

Article written using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 with Windows 7 If you are wondering how I could use “fun” and “gradient” in the same sentence, keep reading. I’d like to show you a couple of my favorite ways of using gradient maps in digital scrapbooking layouts, and, for good measure, I’ll throw in a fun […]

Using Gradients in Photoshop Elements to Color Papers, Embellishments, and Photos


Tutorial written with Photoshop Elements on a Mac running OS X Lion Gradients are an often overlooked but easy-to-use tool. They are perfect for adding multiple colors to a photo, embellishment, paper, or just about anything! I’m going to show you how to add a gradient to a paper template, a seashell embellishment template, and […]

Using Gradients in Photoshop to Color Papers, Embellishments, and Photos


This article was originally shared in our daily Scrap Girls newsletter on Thursday, February 16, 2012 Scrap Girls Newsletter Tutorial written in PS CS5 on a Mac running OS X Lion Gradients are a quick way to add multiple colors to a photo, embellishment, paper – or just about anything! This week, I am going to show […]

Scrap Girls Club Exclusive: Flights of Fancy

December’s Scrap Girls club was created for you by Jennifer ZieglerThis month’s Scrap Girls Club ‘flights of fancy’ refers to dreams that seem too fanciful to be realized. But, dreams can (and often do!) come true. We asked Jennifer what inspired her as she was working on this club; and what it was all about. Here’s what she […]

Behind the Scenes: Laura Louie’s ScrapSimple Club!

Each month we get a glimpse behind the scenes of our Scrap Girls ScrapSimple Club designers, and this month’s designer is Laura Louie! Click here to check out Laura’s ScrapSimple Club at a great price! When you started working on your club, what was the first thing you did? The first thing I did when I started […]

October 2014 Member of the Month – Isabel M. (Belle)

CONGRATULATIONS! to our October 2014 Member of the Month Isabel M. (Belle)!We’re sending a big Scrap Girls Congratulations to Belle! The Team has chosen Belle as the Member of the Month for October! Belle will receive a $10 gift certificate to the Scrap Girls Boutique and has the honor of wearing the Member of the Month blinkie! We […]

Outstanding Elements

Audience: Beginners Category: Digital Techniques Operating System: Windows 7 Software: Photoshop Elements 11 In Elisha Barnett’s ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Map Pointers, which is  part of the ScrapSimple Club for September, there are some cute elements that look like they are standing up on the page.  The way to achieve this “outstanding” look is by creating a special […]