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3 Ways to Use Overlay Templates

dec16-ssclub-tutorial-header This month’s ScrapSimple Club comes with some fabulously grungy paper and overlay templates that you can mix and match to create a variety of incredible papers! In this tutorial, I’ll show you some easy ways to combine and color the templates.

I started each paper by using a solid color overlay (Blending mode: Overlay) for the all the base papers to the color paper template. You can use your favorite method to color the base papers.

Next, I added an overlay template over the base paper. Then, I simply changed the Blending mode of the overlay template layer. In this example, the Blending mode is set to Soft Light.

blending mode Here are the different pieces I used to create the paper.

3 templates used Next, I created a few papers with styles applied to the Overlay Template layer. The example below uses ScrapSimple Tools – Styles: Everyday Glitters Neutrals 6401 Biggie.

This example uses ScrapSimple Tools – Styles: Grungalicious Distress Biggie 8501 on the overlay template.

1216_ssclub_april_ss-4 For the final sample, I clipped a solid color fill layer to the overlay template. You can see how the layers stack up in the screenshot below.

1216_ssclub_april_ss-5 Here are the individual pieces combined to create the paper.

Imagine all the different papers you can create using the overlay templates! You don’t have to limit yourself to using them with ScrapSimple Paper Templates either. You can use them togrunge-up any paper! Try combining the templates included in this month’s ScrapSimple Club to create some fabulously grungy pages. We’d love to see your work in the ScrapSimple Club Gallery!
My Happy Family

An Amazing Deal!
If you were to buy all of the items in the club individually from the Boutique they would cost $19.15 and we offer it to you for just $6.99 a month!
Tutorial written by April Martell
Tutorial written using Photoshop CS6 with Windows 7

Quick Photo Edits

Valentina’s new Scrap Girls Club: The Family We Choose is simply stunning. In addition to the beautiful papers and gorgeous clusters, I was so happy to see that she included a JIF Plus kit with some sweet Christmas embellishments in this month’s collection. During this busy time of year, I’ll take all the scrapping help I can get, and it doesn’t get any more helpful than a gorgeous pre-made layout!
One thing you will notice on the JIF Plus layout is that Valentina’s color palette is mostly cool blues, creams, and some pink. My Christmas photos are mostly reds and greens, so the layout and my photo didn’t really work together. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to fix this little problem! Let me show you what I did to make this layout and the photo work perfectly together.

Here is my original layout with this darling photo of my daughter and my cousin’s daughter. Super cute, right? But the warm, bright colors in the photo are just too distracting for this layout.
Here are a few options for adjusting your photos:
Option 1: Add a photo filter adjustment layer by clicking on the little camera icon in the adjustments tab. Then, using the drop-down menu in the properties dialogue box, you can choose your filter and make adjustments. I often use a cooling filter to tone down the warm yellows and red tones in my photos.

Option 2: Simply desaturate your photo by adding a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to your photo and moving the sliders until you get a look you like. This is a good choice when your colors coordinate, but are just a bit too bright for the collection you are using.

Option 3: Use any one of the many styles or actions available in the Scrap Girls Boutique. These can be found by clicking on the PS & PSE Tools in the menu bar, and choosing from the drop-down menu.

I use all of these options on my photos, depending on the amount and type of adjustments my photos need. Taking just a few minutes to quickly edit the temperature, saturation, or color on your photos can make a big difference on your layouts. Take a look at what the adjustments produced for this layout – and you can see how the photo and the layout all work together beautifully now!

How are you using this month’s Scrap Girls Club? Share your layouts with us in the Scrap Girls Club Gallery.

An Amazing Deal!
If you were to buy all of the items in the club individually from the Boutique they would cost $27.64 and we offer it to you for just $9.99 a month!
Article by Melanie Cockshott
Using Photoshop CC on Windows 10

Christmas Card Inspiration

It’s fun and easy to create your own Christmas Cards using digital kits and products! Whether you create an e-card or printable hybrid style card, Scrap Girls has you covered with holiday products and inspiration! The Creative Team has been busy creating cards for the holidays, check them out below!

Card by Amy Flanagan
Winter Wind Collection
Cherished Christmas
Card by Melanie Cockshott
Card by Carmel Munro
My Wish Collection Biggie
ScrapSimple Card Templates: 4×6 Vertical 1
Card by Karen Webb
Card by Karen Webb
Brush Set: Old Time Text & Writing
Layout by Andrea-Rose Hutton
Dangle Lights Embellishments
(Please see Andrea’s gallery for complete list of products used)
Card by Geraldine Touitou
Value Pack: Krafty Christmas
Card by Geraldine Touitou
Value Pack: Winters Frost
Card by Vikki Lamar
Rustic Christmas Collection Biggie

3 Steps to Eraser Stamping

Eraser stamping is a popular technique that is showing up in everything from scrapbooking to clothing to children’s crafts. Basically, you take some paint or ink and use the end of a pencil to stamp it onto paper. Using multiple colors of paint or ink, and several different pencils adds layers of interest. Eraser stamping is usually done using a stencil or a reverse stencil.

Although these techniques are usually done by hand, they can also be created in Photoshop Elements. Digital stamping is just as much fun and a lot less messy. November’s ScrapSimple Club from Elisha Barnett includes the perfect stamp set to get started! Let’s explore this together!

1. Use the Custom Shape tool.

After you create a new document in Photoshop Elements, draw a shape using the Custom Shape tool to be used as a stencil/mask. (A mask is basically a digital stencil.) Next, make a Direct Selection by holding the CTRL key down while clicking on the thumbnail picture of the shape in the Layers palette. This will put a selection around the shape – it looks like little “marching ants” outlining the shape. A Direct Selection selects all solid pixels in that layer. Make the shape invisible (by clicking on the little eye icon next to that layer in the Layers palette) or delete that layer altogether.

2. Create new layers as you stamp.

A new layer is where you will do your brush work. Load the ScrapSimple Brush Set: Dynamic Brush Eraser Stamps into Photoshop Elements and start stamping. Create new layers as you go along, using a new one for each different stamp and each different color. It takes an extra moment to create a new layer each time, but it will save you time and stress in the long run. You don’t need to be too careful around the edges of the shape because the stamp will only appear inside the selected portion.

3. Merge or link all of the stamp layers.

Believe it or not, you’re done! It really is that simple! Your unique art is ready to use it on your layout.

Once you have tried this technique, don’t hesitate to experiment with other items! A brush, stamped onto its own layer, an alpha, thick bold text, or other embelishments can be used instead of a custom shape.

Another variation is to stamp everywhere except inside the shape or mask. To get this look, make the Direct Selection and use the shortcut Shift+CTRL+I (that’s the capital letter I, not L). You’ll see the same “marching ants” outlining the shape, but you will also see them outlining the entire document. Any stamping will appear between the edge of the shape and the edge of the document.

I’m excited to see how you play with this technique and make it your own! Happy stamping and happy scrapping!

An Amazing Deal!
If you were to buy all of the items in the club individually from the Boutique they would cost $19.15 and we offer it to you for just $6.99 a month!
Tutorial written by Anna Mansfield
Using  Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 with Windows 8

Fast and Fun 2017 Calendar

If you’re wondering how you can easily design and print next year’s calendar in just a couple of weeks, wonder no more! Every year, I buy digital calendar templates and get quickly overwhelmed by the number of layouts needed to finish the project. Then it dawned on me – I can showcase already-completed layouts by simply placing them in my 2017 calendar! Plus, it was so much fun revisiting layouts and kits I haven’t worked with in a while.

I chose the ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: 11×17 Blenders 2017. To insert a completed layout into the template, I did one of two things:

  • I clipped a completed layout into the template’s photo mask (example below).
  • I dragged in portions of the layout and moved things around to fit the template.

Once my layout was in place, the creative process began! The blender backgrounds allowed me to beautify my layouts by blending patterns and textures that complemented the original design. Sometimes I swapped out backgrounds and embellishments and used new products to change things around. I modified the calendar template until I got the results I was happy with. Here are a few things I did:

  • I used the festive Birthday Cake brush (included with the templates) to remind my family of our special days.
  • I personalized the calendars by adding school calendar days.
  • To give a consistent look throughout the calendar, I added a glitter border on each month’s word art (January, February, March, etc.).

To print my calendar, I sent the JPG files to Office Depot to print on 11×17-inch, 110 lb. cardstock and added a clear coil binding. The colors were vivid, and there is a thin white border around my image so it appears that the images were not cropped at all. The cost of the completed calendar project was $22.

Don’t be this afraid to start your 2017 calendar project – just follow my tips and get more mileage out of your finished layouts by enjoying them in 2017, too!

(Click on the images below to be taken to their product page)
(Please see Pam’s Gallery for complete list of kits used on her calendar.)
Tutorial written by Pam Zeman

Holiday Gift Idea: All-Occasion Card Sets

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I find myself in a bit of a rush to get my Christmas gifts ready.  Over the years, we have limited our holiday spending and tried to share simple, personal gifts with our family and friends. The minute I saw the word art, bonus items, and papers in November’s Scrap Girls Club: Creative Spirit by Syndee Nuckles, I knew I was going to create all-occasion card sets for my gift closet!

Creating the cards was super-easy with the word art and frame clusters. I chose a finished card size of 5.5 inches wide by 4.25 inches tall so I could print two cards on a letter-sized piece of linen cardstock-weight paper.

To add a special touch, I also wanted to make matching stationary folders.  Let me show you how I did it:

Step 1:

Open a new 11×8.5-inch (width by height) layout in your digital software. Using Syndee’s ScrapSimple Craft Mini Album, drag the 6×6-inch page and a page pocket onto your layout. Duplicate, flip, and resize to fit within an 11×6-inch (width by height) area.

Step 2:

Attach coordinating digital papers to the template pockets and inside of your stationary folder.  Vary the pocket sizes and shapes with the included pocket options.

Step 3:

Create the front cover of your stationary folder using a Bonus Item layout. Add word art and resize.

Print the front of the stationary folder on one side and print the back of the stationary folder on the other side of a piece of linen cardstock. Print the folder pockets on the same cardstock. Cut, score, embellish, and assemble.

With these simple, pretty card sets, I’m quickly catching up on my holiday gift list. Live each day creatively! We’d love to see your creations in the Scrap Girls Club Gallery!

Creative Spirit - Scrap Girls Club November 2016
An Amazing Deal!
If you were to buy all of the items in the club individually from the Boutique they would cost $27.64 and we offer it to you for just $9.99 a month!
Sign up for the club before midnight ET tonight (Nov. 28th) and you will also receive this coordinating Holiday Value Pack FREE!
Hybrid Tutorial written by Karen Webb

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