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Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed: Microsoft Word

Learn to use MS Word in your scrapbooking.

Learn to use Microsoft Word software as digital scrapbooking software to create layouts that look like they can be published in a magazine!

Dear friend,

Imagine this...

You turn on your computer because you want to scrapbook. You are going to create a special title for a layout you are working on with the new scrapbooking software ideas you just found.

You open software that came with your computer, and using it as scrapbooking software, you create a vertical scrapbook title. To make the title extra special, you decide to use that great photo you shot in the mountains last weekend to fill in the letters.

It is stunning.

You are pleased with yourself because just yesterday, you didn't think you had any scrapbooking software skills at all.

"And to think," you say to yourself, "I created this with Microsoft Word!"

Your computer IS your best scrapbooking tool. And you probably already own the handiest scrapbooking software a crafter can have - Microsoft Word.

"But how do I learn to use these programs like scrapbooking software?," you ask. "I'm too busy to attend classes and I hate reading software manuals. Besides, classes and manuals don't show me how to use Word as scrapbooking software."

You're right about that. Other Microsoft software training sources don't focus on the specific needs of scrapbookers and so they don't teach you how to use Word as scrapbooking software.

Typical Microsoft training focuses on the needs of a business person and ignores the powerful graphic and text formatting options of this software. And it certainly doesn't relate how to use these features when you are scrapbooking or how to use it as scrapbooking software. (After all, it takes a scrapbooker to know what a scrapbooker wants to do with her scrapbooking software!)

That's why I created Scrapbooking Software Secrets Revealed (MS Word). Because I've been a scrapbooker for more than 30 years, I know - first hand - what tricks you would be interested in learning as you use Word, Power Point and Publisher as scrapbooking software.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

You are probably wondering who I am and why I can help you learn to use Microsoft products as scrapbooking software, right?

Let me properly introduce myself. My name is Rozanne Paxman and I am the CEO of Scrap Girls. I have over 20 years experience in education and business (including "insider" scrapbooking experience with major scrapbooking manufacturers) and have been a scrapbooker for even longer. I have the experience and skills necessary to teach you how to use your Microsoft Office software as scrapbooking software...

But the most important thing to know about me is that I just love to help you learn the things that you want to know. It's fun! And I want to help you save money by using the software that you already have on your computer as scrapbooking software!

What's more, you will learn these tricks in a way that makes even the most complicated thing seem EASY as can be!

The course consists of short, narrated screen-capture movies in which you literally can see me working Word, using it as scrapbooking software as I create. Because they are narrated, you can hear my explanations of why you will be successful if you follow the directions you are hearing as you learn how to use Word as scrapbooking software.

But the best thing of all is that you can watch these short movies over and over again - absolutely any time you want! You won't have to worry that you might forget what you have learned as you learn to use Microsoft Office software as scrapbooking software.

You can start creating beautiful, personal touches for your layouts TODAY!

  • Imagine yourself creating a special background paper with your favorite quote using Word as scrapbooking software.

  • See yourself create a circle frame with text running around the edge.

  • Using Word as scrapbooking software, create beautifully formatted quotes like you see in scrapbooking magazine layouts to give your designs that special touch.

  • Laugh when you find out how easy it is to print text on a purchased tag.

  • Create your own special ribbon, bias tape, or twill tape by printing a message at home with your own printer.

  • Create simple completely digitally generated layouts.

It's true! If you are interested in trying your hand at digital scrapbooking, you will learn how to create entire layouts with Word as scrapbooking software.

Here's an example of a layout that you could create after you learn these scrapbook software tricks using Word as scrapbooking software in these easy-to-watch movies. It was entirely created using two beautiful spring backgrounds from Scrap Girls' own Tonya Doughty's Spring Fling Collection and the graphics functionality that is part of Microsoft Word.

Scrap Girls University - Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial - Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed: Microsoft Word

After you watch Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed (MS Word) movies, you will be able to...

  • Have fun creating your own unique background paper after you learn this scrapbooking software secret.

  • Understand why WordArt can be a scrapbooker's best friend.

  • Be able to put text on top of one of your favorite photographs.

  • See how easy it is to print on a purchased tag correctly the FIRST time with your Scrapbooking Software Secrets training.

  • Manage advanced scrapbooking software skills like creating horizontal and vertical text within the same table.

  • Create titles that are nearly 11" wide on your regular printer.

  • Make text closer and further apart to give it that extra polished look you want.

  • See how simple it is to print on twill tape, bias tape, or ribbon.

  • Know the secret of printing out reversed text, even if your printer doesn't allow mirror printing.

  • Create outlined text for chalking or painting.

  • Using these Scrapbooking Software Secrets, you'll be able to create your own paper piecing or paper piercing patterns from clip art.

  • Know how to edit your photographs with the Microsoft Office photo editor.

  • Solve the scrapbooking software mystery of how to layer words in titles.

  • Learn more than one way to put text in a shape.

  • Create your own photo frames with text.

  • Be able to create text that goes around in a circle.

  • Know how powerful those little text boxes really are as you use Word as scrapbooking software.

  • See how to get exactly the right color you want to use in your text box.

  • Completely understand all of the drawing tool bar options.

  • Make a quote look great using text boxes.

  • See why the drawing space is part of the fun of using Word as scrapbooking software.

  • And lots more!

And if that isn't enough... just imagine how much money you will save once you know how to do these scrapbooking software tricks yourself.

  • You won't have to pay anyone to format quotes and print them on vellum for you, because you can do it yourself!

  • You won't have to pay someone to print words on twill tape for you, because you can print whatever word you want with whatever font you like in whatever color you need!

  • You won't have to pay someone to create a special background with a Christmas poem on it, because you can do it yourself!

Now you may be thinking that you don't pay anybody to do those things for you, but every time you buy these items from a scrapbooking store, that's exactly what you are doing... and you are paying them very well, too. There are so many great scrapbooking supplies that you can buy with your money that you couldn't possibly make yourself - like adhesive, printer ink, cardstock, and beautiful graphic designs! Why not save your valuable scrapbooking supply dollars for what you REALLY want to buy by learning to create the things that you can create yourself when you use Microsoft Word as scrapbooking software?

With these movies, you will quickly be able to learn scrapbooking software tricks whenever you want.

  • No classes to try to fit into your busy schedule.

  • No big, heavy books written in "computer geek-speak" for you to try to understand.

  • No fumbling around in Microsoft's help file trying to search for the answer you want right now.

Just short, easy-to-understand Windows Media movies that you can access and watch anytime you need them - day or night. What an easy way to learn how to use Word as scrapbooking software, right?

But more importantly, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you can create beautiful scrapbooking elements that meet the needs of your important layouts from the comfort of your own home. And if you wish, you can even create entire digital layouts using software you already own on your computer as scrapbooking software!

A special bonus to customers who purchase Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed: MS Word:

I have created a special private forum that you will be able to participate in. In this forum, you will have the freedom to ask me any questions related to your MS Word software - free of charge - and I'll help you understand what to do. You'll truly have your own, private tutor!

So if you're finally ready to get serious about learning to create beautiful scrapbooking elements on your own computer using Microsoft Word as scrapbooking software, order online right now. I'll send you an email with the links to the downloads so that you can start creating right away. Remember, you'll get 30 short scrapbooking software training movies and you only pay $29.59 for everything.



P.S. Still need convincing? Here is a sample movie that quickly teaches you how to successfully print on bias tape, twill tape, or ribbon. You'll love how easy the movie makes it for you to use this scrapbooking software secret! And this is just the beginning of the tricks you'll learn when you order this fun product today.

P.P.S. Here are just a couple of the nice compliments I've received about this training:

Scrapbooking Secrets is such a great learning tool for me. Being new to the digital scrapbook world, learning by watching Rozanne’s movie clips is much easier than trying to learn through reading a software manual. In addition, I can watch the clips at my own convenience and as often as I need to. I would recommend Scrapbook Secrets to anyone looking to learn digital or traditional scrapbooking secrets using MS Word. - Lisa Shipp

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