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Scrap Girls Support Center

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find your answer here, our support staff is only an email away! For additional assistance, please email us at [email protected].

Digital scrapbooking kits are called “Collections” at Scrap Girls.
I don't understand what digital scrapbooking is all about. Can you give me a quick overview?
Step-by-step instructions for downloading, unzipping, and filing your digital scrapbooking products.
Watch this movie that will show you how to organize your files by creating a folder inside of My Documents called, "My Downloads". This movie is best watched with Internet Explorer.
Watch this movie that shows you how to unzip your files using XP. This movie is best watched with Internet Explorer.
  • Note: You do not have to put a URL or link in your browser to access your file, as Scrap Girls has a download site. Instead, you will put your passcode in the box at that site to enter, and then you just have to push the buttons.

  • When I say at the end of the movie that it is easiest to let it take the default - that means just to let them go where they naturally want to go. This will unzip them into the exact same location where the original file was located.

Why do I have both JPG and PNG versions of some of the files?
When will my box of scrapbooking products arrive?
Why can't I sign into the Boutique? I am on the Scrap Girls newsletter list.
I am getting a 999 Bit Error when I try to place an order at the Boutique. What is wrong?
I am a PC User and I can't get my QuickTime movies to play correctly. What do I do now?
I have discovered that my Internet connection just isn't good enough to download the files. Help!
I am having problems with my Windows Media movies playing. How do I fix it?
Managing the zipped folders on your Scrap Girls CD orders.
Backing up your Scrap Girls downloaded files onto CDs.
Simple way of moving your digital scrapbooking graphics and photos into most Windows-based graphic software (such as Photoshop, PSE and PSP).
Wishing for a Wish List? Here's a tool that does that and much more!
Wishing for a Wish List that works with Macs? Here it is!
I can't find your freebies anywhere.
I am confused. Why did you send me a bill for this month's club stuff? I just wanted last month's.

Downloading and Unzipping

How to download your digital scrapbooking supplies.
I use Firefox and I am having problems downloading from your site. When I push the buttons, I get thrown to a different page altogether, get a "Page Not Found" error, or other types of similar things. What is going on?
When I try to download files from your site, all I can download are .php files and I can't open any of them. Help!
I am a satellite user and am suddenly having problems downloading my Scrap Girls files, even though I didn't used to and I have successfully downloaded from other sites in the past. What is going on?
What are zipped files and how do I unzip them?
What does it mean if the file is empty when I unzip it?
What does it mean if the folder won't unzip?
Why do I need to delete the file before I download it again?
What do I do if that solution doesn't work?
Why am I getting a message that the file size is too large if I try to look at my graphics through the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer?
Why am I getting a strange file type - PHP - when I download? Shouldn't I be getting zipped folders?
I am a MSN user. Why am I having problems downloading and how do I fix it?
I am a Cybersitter user. Why am I having problems downloading and how do I fix it?
I keep seeing a ".DS_Store" file and I'm not sure what that is. Is it something that I need to worry about? I can't get it to open for me and I am concerned that it is corrupt. Will it harm my computer?
I sometimes see a file with a "._" in front of it along with a regular file. Why am I getting two of the same files, and why does one have the extra "._" in front of it?

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