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We are wrapping up our celebration of Movember and all things moustache-related! This sale is your chance to add some great kits to your scrapbooking stash.

We have also created a fun Movember mini kit for you to scrap your favorite moustache photos. It will only be available in our store until November 30th, with 100% of the profits from this kit going to support Movember and men's health initiative.

You can also help decide the winners for our Movember contest by going to our blog and voting. And you can still support our Movember fundraiser by visiting our Facebook page and "liking" the moustache pictures you see there. The picture with the most likes will win our Movember grand prize!

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Image: What's New

Digital Scrapbooking Layout by April Martell
Layout by April Martell
larger view

Value Pack: Treasured Heirlooms
Value Pack: Treasured Heirlooms

Celebrate your treasured family memories with this vintage inspired Value Pack: Treasured Heirlooms with three wonderful products! Includes Treasured Heirlooms Collection Mini, Treasured Heirlooms Embellishments Mini Frames and Journaling Blocks and Treasured Heirlooms Embellishments Mini: Clusters and Frames (300 dpi, jpg and png files).

  Living it Collection Super Mini  

Commercial license versions of Value Pack: Treasured Heirlooms are also available.


Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin
Layout by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin
larger view

JIF 6: 12x12 Family Matters
JIF 6: 12x12 Family Matters

Family matters in this digital scrapbooking JIF 6 collection. Textured and taped papers in beautiful warm unisex colors, tape and wire embellishments, and family focused word art compliment any layout. Suitable for celebrating your family everyday, but works great with fall and thanksgiving inspired layouts as well.


Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Jo Corne
Layout by Jo Corne
larger view

Cats Have Staff Collection Mini
Cats Have Staff Collection Mini

As the saying goes 'Dogs have masters, Cats Have Staff' here is a digital scrapbooking collection that will assist you in scrapping whether you are the master or the staff J. Consisting of six (6) digital scrapbooking papers, 25 co-ordinating embellishments and an alpha, this 'Cats Have Staff' collection mini will give you hours of scrapping fun showing off your beloved cat and just who is the staff in your home.

Dogs Have Masters Cats Have Staff Paper Super Mini ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: 12x12 Under The Boardwalk Mini Lettering Delights Monique Font
  ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Drop Shadows 11701 Super Biggie  

Commercial license versions of ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Drop Shadows 11701 Super Biggie are also available.


Digital Scrapbooking Layout by April Martell
Layout by April Martell
larger view

Thanksgiving Blessings Collection
Thanksgiving Blessings Collection

The Thanksgivng Blessings Collection is the perfect digital scrapbooking kit for preserving your holiday memories. This kit includes warm textured papers in fall hues of brown, red, green, black and yellow. An abundance of fruit, vegetables, gourds, indian corn, inkwell and quill, pilgrim hats, breadboard, ribbons, bows, mums and more are included in the large embellishment collection. 23 decorated "Ready to Use" Word Art graphics are also included.


If you have praise, comments, or questions for any of our Product Designers or Layout Artists, did you know you can send them a PM (private message) using the Forum? It's easy!

If you are a registered user of the Forum, just click on the "PM" box at the bottom of any of their posts to send them a message. Or, to check out more of your favorite Scrap Girls team layouts, visit the Scrap Girls Design Team section and the Scrap Girls Layout Artist Team section of the Layout Gallery.

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Simple Pleasures
Monday, November 26, 2012


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12 Days of Christmas Stories banner ad


You Have a Story to Tell...

...and we want to hear it! Scrapbookers are all about telling their stories – family stories, personal stories, children's and grandchildren's stories. Why, even the word "history" has a story in it! And my-oh-my, we love history around here.

Make some history of your own this year by putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, to be more precise, and tell us a Christmas story from your own experience.

Last year, we were blown away by the incredible stories that were submitted to our 12 Days of Christmas Story Contest. This year, we know you've got more stories just waiting to be told. We want to hear your stories of Christmas past, of Christmas memories, marvels, magic, or miracles. Was there a time when you saw something wonderful happen at Christmas or during the holiday season? Can you recall a first Christmas or holiday memory with your loved one, your child, or maybe the last Christmas with your great-grandmother? Maybe it's a story handed down through the generations in your family. We love to share good stories around here, and we don't mind having to grab a tissue, so write with all your heart to speak to our hearts.

We will select 12 stories - with one story revealed in our newsletter from December 13-24, every day, including Sundays. Just to keep things interesting, we're not going to tell anyone if they have been selected ahead of time. You'll just have to hop out of bed every morning, rush to your computer, and open up your Scrap Girls Newsletter with all the wonder of a child on Christmas morning and look to see if your story was published that day!

Here are the Submission Guidelines, so start those creative juices flowing!

  1. The deadline for submissions is Midnight (ET), Friday, December 7. Email your story to [email protected] with a subject line of My 12 Days Story. With your email, please include the following attachments:

    • Your story: Story length - maximum of 700 words. Your story must be true (to the best of your knowledge), and it must tell a story/event centered around a holiday theme, not just a collection of thoughts about why you love this time of year. One entry per person. Send your story in MS Word or something similar. At the top of your story, include your name, Forum username (if you have one), your mailing address, and your email address. At the bottom of your story, write a few sentences about yourself – where you live, what you do, your family, your job, your hobbies, etc.

    • Scrap Girls publication release (download it here)

    • One image/layout (optional): You may submit one image or layout that is related to your story - but only one, so make it good! Images should be no more than 300 pixels long on either width or height. If you submit a layout, we need two sizes: a 300-pixel image (72 dpi) and a 600-pixel image (72 dpi). Please show off our beautiful Scrap Girls products in your layout and include a supply list of products used (along with links to those products in the Boutique). Even if the product is retired, please include it in the list (without a link). By the way, submitting a photo or layout will not drastically improve the likelihood of a story being published, but it's a nice accompaniment to give our readers.

  2. A few miscellaneous details:

    • We reserve the right to edit the story as needed for clarity, grammar, punctuation, length, etc., though we will make every effort not to change the meaning of what you write. However, the better you write, the less we have to edit, and the happier you will make our editor.

    • If you submitted a story last year that was not chosen, you may resubmit it this year!

  3. Hmmm, what have we forgotten? Ah, yes, the prizes! What is a contest without prizes?!

    • Everyone who submits a story will get a JIF 6 kit that coordinates with our "12 Days of Christmas Stories" this year! That's right – you get a prize just for entering! And this JIF 6 will only be given to our story tellers, not available in the Boutique. You want it? Then write a story and send it in!

    • The 12 winners will get what everyone needs at this time of year – a little extra cash! If your story is published in our newsletter, you'll receive a $25 Visa gift card.

We look forward to hearing your story as we launch our annual 12 Days of Christmas celebration!

A Designer's Life Image

Paula Wright
Paula Wright

How Do You Measure Simple Pleasures?

Our family recently moved from the home where we have lived for the past 13 years. Packing, organizing, and sorting gave me plenty of time to reflect upon the many experiences that we shared as a family in our home. Most were simple pleasures – working in the yard, family birthdays, doing homework with kids, holidays, traditions, neighbors coming to visit, cooking and sharing a meal, and teaching children. Three of our daughters were married while we lived there, two sons became old enough to get their driver's license, and two other sons were born while we lived there. Whew, that's a lot of living! It made me think of the meaningful, yet simple pleasures that create the fabric of our lives that we often skip when doing digital scrapbooking projects.

I have a challenge for you. Think about one of your favorite simple pleasures and then create a digital scrapbooking page that honors that experience.

  • Do you decorate for holidays? Scrap that!

  • How about your best friends and what you cherish about them? Scrap it!

  • Snap a photo of the view from inside your home looking out, or maybe the route you walk through your neighborhood or to work.

Here is a layout that I did from a snapshot of some of our grandkids playing with my husband on a Sunday afternoon. It makes me happy just to see them all together, so I chose happy, fun colors for the layout. I have been really busy lately so I didn't spend too much time working on it. I pulled the layout ingredients from my So Big Collection Biggie. Each page doesn't have to be a masterpiece, just capture those simple moments and record your own simple pleasures.

Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Paula Wright
Layout by Paula Wright
larger view

  So Big Collection Biggie  


Favorite Product I've Designed:

Memory Lane Collection Biggie
Memory Lane Collection Biggie

I love the vintage feel of this collection with the ornate picture frames and the torn papers. I have even created some Christmas-themed digital scrapbooking pages with this collection. There are also several products that coordinate with the Memory Lane Collection Biggie.

- Paula

Scrap Girls Club Image

November's Scrap Girls digital scrapbooking club, designed for you by Shalae Tippetts.

Join the Scrap Girls Monthly Club and you can have fun with the newest traditional digital and printable scrapbooking looks while saving! (A $40.87 value for $9.99 or less!)

The Scrap Girls Club contents are released on the 1st day of the month (or the closest business day to the 1st).

With the Scrap Girls Club, you will receive:

  • 1 Collection Biggie
  • 1 Paper Super Mini
  • 1 Word Art Mini
  • 1 Embellishment Mini
  • 1 JIF 6 Page Set
  • 1 Designer's Choice Item
  • 1 CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Jiffy Easy Page Album
  • 1 CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Designer's Choice Item
  • 1 CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Color Palette

November's Scrap Girls Club designed for you by Shalae Tippetts

JIFFY Easy Page Album
Club Exclusive! JIFFY Easy Page Album

Club Exclusive Gift
Club Exclusive! Designer's Gift

Computer scrapbook layout by Angie Briggs using November's Scrap Girls Club
Layout by Angie Briggs

ScrapSimple Club

The November 2012 ScrapSimple digital scrapbooking club selection by Andrea Trump.

November's ScrapSimple Club has been created for you by
Andrea Trump

Join the ScrapSimple Monthly Club and you can enjoy the newest ScrapSimple looks while saving! (A $13.95 value for $6.99 or less!)

The new ScrapSimple Club contents are released on the 15th day of the month (or the closest business day to the 15th).

A commercially licensed version of the ScrapSimple Club is also available here.

With the ScrapSimple Club, you will receive:

  • 1 ScrapSimple Paper Template Set
  • 1 ScrapSimple Embellishment Template
  • 1 Brush Set
  • 2 Designer's Choice Item
  • CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Nano Collection
  • CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Designer's Choice Item
  • CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Tutorial

Nano Collection
Club Exclusive! Nano Collection

ScrapSimple Club Designer's Gift
Club Exclusive! Designer's Gift

Computer scrapbook layout by April Martell
Layout by April Martell

Today's Freebie

Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Angie Briggs
Layout by Angie Briggs
larger view

Comfort Of Home Paper Special

Designer Freebie by Shalae Tippetts coordinates
with her Comfort Of Home Collection Biggie,
part of this month's Scrap Girls Club offering!

Comfort Of Home Collection Biggie   Comfort Of Home Embellishment Mini

Shalae Tippetts
Today's freebie designed by Shalae Tippetts

* There is a "free download" button on the details page for each gift. You don't need to put them in your shopping cart unless you are shopping for other items. Also note that if you are slow reading your newsletter, you may find this freebie has already been retired, as the freebies are only available as gifts for about two newsletter cycles.

What's Happening at Scrap Girls

Crops and Chats

Calendar Chat
Tuesday, November 27th - 9:00 p.m. ET

Join Shannon (tinkerbell11) in the chat room for a Calendar chat. We can help keep each other on track, share ideas for getting started, organized and even printing! Calendars make a fantastic gift for family and friends, come and join in the fun.


High Noon Crop
Wednesday, November 28th - 12 Noon ET

Join April (April Showers) each Wednesday at 12 Noon ET for the High Noon Crop. All coasts and time zones are welcome! These crops are designed to allow you to work on your own photos and themes, simply giving participants a one hour goal and a fun, new challenge each week.

On November 28th, we'll do a Quote Challenge! Create a layout using a meaningful, inspiring or funny quote. It can be in place of journaling, or use a beloved quote as a starting point for your journaling.

Create your layout and upload it to the special High Noon Crop Gallery. You'll be amazed what you can get done in just one hour, but there is no High Noon Sheriff timing you! Hope to see you in the chat room!


Speed Scrap Crop
Wednesday, November 28th - 8:00 p.m. ET

It's time for some Speed! Join Shannon (tinkerbell11) at 8pm ET for the Speed Scrap Crop! We'll give you 6 tasks, spread out over an hour. You'll then have an hour to get it finished and posted in the gallery!


November's Forum Game: Products Picks Game

This November, we are playing the Products Picks game where we encourage you to stroll through the aisles of the boutique and do a little window shopping.

Each Monday through Saturday in November, a member of the Welcoming Committee will post the name of one or two product designers in this Product Picks game thread. You will then head to the Scrap Girls Boutique and navigate to that particular designer's product pages. Choose any of their products (your favorite product, one you like, or one you wish you owned), then head over to the Product Picks game thread and share the product name, boutique link, and a brief explanation of why you chose that product.

At the end of the month, members who haves posted links to 41 products (one for each designer) will be entered in a drawing for one of three $10 Gift Certificates. Members who have posted links to 16-40 products will be entered in a drawing for one of two $5 Gift Certificates. And members who have posted links to 10-15 products will be entered in a drawing for one of two $3 Gift Certificates.

For complete details, visit the Monthly Forum Games folder on the Scrap Girls Forum.


November Monthly Layout Contest: What are you thankful for? Have you thought about your blessing lately? For the November Layout Contest, we'd love to flood the Gallery with layouts showcasing what you are thankful for! Post your layouts in the November Monthly Layout Gallery before Midnight ET on November 30th and you could one of the two people who will win a $10 Gift Certificate to the Scrap Girls Boutique! Please be sure to list your layout's product credits in the description or under the EXIF Properties.

Club Concepts Layout Contest: Post your new layout using the current club selection (either the Scrap Girls Club or the ScrapSimple Club) in our Scrap Girls Club Members Gallery or the ScrapSimple Club Members' Gallery. Be sure to list all of the Scrap Girls products you used. If your layout is chosen, it will be showcased as a Club Concepts layout winner, and you will win a $5 Gift Certificate to the Scrap Girls Boutique!


Check our Forum calendar if you have any questions about what is happening at Scrap Girls. All event times are given in the Eastern Time Zone unless otherwise noted. Need help converting time zones? Check out the World Clock - Time Zone Converter. (Use 'USA-New York-New York' as the location for the Eastern time zone.)

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