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Image: What's New

Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Jan Ransley
Layout by Jan Ransley
larger view

Twill Alpha Mini
Twill Alpha Mini

A beautiful grungy Alpha on stitched twill tape that coordinates beautifully with the Parterre Collection Biggie.

  Parterre Collection Biggie  


Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Durin Eberhart
Digital Presentation Layout by Durin Eberhart
larger view

Presentation Digital Scrapbook 1-2-3: 8.5x11 Altered Art
Presentation Digital Scrapbook 1-2-3: 8.5x11 Altered Art

This pastel color scheme, filled with rich texture and unique elements creates a beautiful digital scrapbooking backdrop for your photos or presentation.


Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Syndee Nuckles
Layout by Syndee Nuckles
larger view

Give it a Whirl Font
Give it a Whirl Font

This hand-drawn font will add a touch of whimsy to your layouts, cards and projects! Great for art journal projects.

ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Blends Bird Legs Collection Mini Brush Set: Painted
  ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Butterfly Shadows 6301 Mini  

Commercial license versions of Give it a Whirl Font, ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Blends, Brush Set: Painted and ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Butterfly Shadows 6301 Mini are also available.


Artist Trading Card by Elisha Barnett
ATC by Elisha Barnett
larger view

ScrapSimple Craft Templates: Artist Trading Cards 2
ScrapSimple Craft Templates: Artist Trading Cards 2

Create Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) quickly and easily with these templates. Mix and match layers to create your own little masterpiece! Includes a bonus printing template and a signature template for the back of your cards, and a PDF document with project ideas.

ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: ATC Shadows 12601 Bookshelf Solids Paper Mini Bookshelf Collection Biggie
  Bookshelf Clusters Embellishment Mini  


If you have praise, comments, or questions for any of our Product Designers or Layout Artists, did you know you can send them a PM (private message) using the Forum? It's easy!

If you are a registered user of the Forum, just click on the "PM" box at the bottom of any of their posts to send them a message. Or, to check out more of your favorite Scrap Girls team layouts, visit the Scrap Girls Design Team section and the Scrap Girls Layout Artist Team section of the Layout Gallery.

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The Simple Joy of Play
Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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Scrap Girls offers a free digital scrapbooking collection that is perfect for every occasion! Share the story of your loved ones with this collection in neutral colors and patterns.

1 Scrap Girls A Narrative Collection
1 Scrap Girls A Narrative Collection

The 1 Scrap Girls A Narrative Collection includes papers, embellishments, word art plus a ScrapSimple sample pack. Download it here and get scrappin' today!


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Rozanne Paxman
Rozanne Paxman

The Simple Joy of Play

Clutching the teaspoon by the handle, she stirred the dark, sweet stuff in the cup and smelled the chocolate steam rise. It was a dark evening, but only hours ago she had raced down the side of a small hill in an inner tube. She remembered the hill on the east side of Turner's field, and while it seemed large to her from her child's perspective, it was actually dwarfed by the enormity of the mountain range behind it.

A teenager had built a fire to keep the children warm and someone had thrown potatoes in to steam. When they were baked, she peeled the crusty edge back and felt the hot, white meat of the potato slide down inside of her.

She was a brave child who didn't worry about burning her boots on a hot log, falling off of a speeding tube, or getting her pants soaked with snow. Her cloth coat became soaked, her braids became sticky and her cheeks became as red as the sour cherries her mother baked into pies. But that was unimportant to her. It was fun to play in the snow and the delight of the moment was all she cared about.

There seemed to be endless hours in those days for playing, talking, walking, and dangling her legs over the edge of things so she could watch her feet move. If she wanted to go somewhere, she simply walked there; asking for a ride from her mother seemed unthinkable. If she needed to take something with her, she carried it. She looked at birds sitting on telephone lines and wondered what they ate when the ground was covered with snow.

Knitted gloves and hats, crocheted scarves, and woolen coats in need of new buttons were her snowy day attire.

Why is it that, upon reflection, she cannot remember being cold? And why does this girl, who is no longer a child, shiver in her coat as she walks the short distance between a movie theatre and her car?

Perhaps it is because this 54-year-old woman is sometimes so overwhelmed with life, responsibility, and what she is trying to become spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually that she has forgotten the simple joy of play.

But really... what do birds eat when the ground is completely covered with snow? Does anyone know?

- Ro


Want to read more of Ro's muses? Check out her blog at! She invites you to swing by and say, "Howdy!" She looks forward to talking to you!

Muse: To be absorbed in one's thoughts; engage in meditation. Not intended to solve the world's problems, another person's problems, or to cover topics completely. One does not have to agree with musings to enjoy them, just as one does not have to be the same as someone else to appreciate who they are.


Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed: Photoshop Elements Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed: Paint Shop Pro (PSP) X Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed: Photoshop

Learn to make digital scrapbooking layouts and more! – Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed
Find out how easy it can be to learn how to create digital scrapbook layouts, edit photos, use and make brushes, recolor papers and embellishments, make your own simple backgrounds and embellishments, save and share your layouts and much more!

Ready to learn advanced techniques? – MORE Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed
Learn to use paper templates, embellishment templates, custom shapes, styles, and brushes to make your own supplies. Learn advanced clipping mask and lighting blend techniques. Learn to make and use patterns. Learn to make brushes from your own doodles. Learn to extract images from photos. Learn work flow techniques that will speed up the layout creation process and advanced photo editing skills and much, much more!

Scrap Girls Club Image

May's Scrap Girls digital scrapbooking club, designed for you by Ang Campbell.

Join the Scrap Girls Monthly Club and you can have fun with the newest traditional digital and printable scrapbooking looks while saving! (A $40.87 value for $9.99 or less!)

The Scrap Girls Club contents are released on the 1st day of the month (or the closest business day to the 1st).

With the Scrap Girls Club, you will receive:

  • 1 Collection Biggie
  • 1 Paper Super Mini
  • 1 Word Art Mini
  • 1 Embellishment Mini
  • 1 JIF 6 Plus Set
  • 1 Designer's Choice Item
  • 1 CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Jiffy Easy Page Album
  • 1 CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Designer's Choice Item
  • 1 CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Color Palette

May's Scrap Girls Club designed for you by Ang Campbell

JIFFY Easy Page Album
Club Exclusive! JIFFY Easy Page Album

Club Exclusive Gift
Club Exclusive! Designer's Gift

Computer scrapbook layout by Ang Campbell using May's Scrap Girls Club
Layout by Ang Campbell
using May's Scrap Girls Club

ScrapSimple Club

The May ScrapSimple digital scrapbooking club selection by Laura Louie and Ang Campbell.

May's ScrapSimple Club has been created for you by
Laura Louie & Ang Campbell

Join the ScrapSimple Monthly Club and you can enjoy the newest ScrapSimple looks while saving! (A $13.95 value for $6.99 or less!)

The new ScrapSimple Club contents are released on the 15th day of the month (or the closest business day to the 15th).

A commercially licensed version of the ScrapSimple Club is also available here.

With the ScrapSimple Club, you will receive:

  • 1 ScrapSimple Paper Template Set
  • 1 ScrapSimple Embellishment Template
  • 1 Brush Set
  • 2 Designer's Choice Item
  • CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Nano Collection
  • CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Designer's Choice Item
  • CLUB EXCLUSIVE! 2 Tutorials

Nano Collection
Club Exclusive! Nano Collection

ScrapSimple Club Designer's Gift
Club Exclusive! Designer's Gift

Computer scrapbook layout by Ang Campbell
Layout by Ang Campbell
using May's ScrapSimple Club

Today's Freebie

Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Melanie Johnson
Layout by Melanie Johnson
larger view

Value Pack: Heartfelt Special

Designer Freebie by Melanie Johnson coordinates with her Value Pack: Heartfelt

Value Pack: Heartfelt White Christmas Collection Biggie Scattered Gold Embellishments

Commercial license versions of Scattered Gold Embellishments are also available.

Melanie Johnson
Today's freebie designed by Melanie Johnson

* There is a "free download" button on the details page for each gift. You don't need to put them in your shopping cart unless you are shopping for other items. Also note that if you are slow reading your newsletter, you may find this freebie has already been retired, as the freebies are only available as gifts for about two newsletter cycles.

What's Happening at Scrap Girls

Crops and Chats

East Coast High Noon Crop
Wednesday, May 30th - 10:00AM MDT

Join April (April Showers) each Wednesday at 10am MT for the East Coast High Noon Crop. All coasts and time zones are welcome! These crops are designed to allow you to work on your own photos and themes, simply giving participants a one hour goal and a fun, new challenge each week.

On May 30th, we'll do a geometric challenge! Create a layout using at least one triangle somewhere on your page!

Create your layout and upload it to the special High Noon Crop Gallery. You'll be amazed what you can get done in just one hour, but there is no High Noon Sheriff timing you! Hope to see you in the chat room!


Speed Scrap Crop
Thursday, May 31st - 7:00PM MDT

It's time for some Speed! Join Carla (CRS) at 7pm MT for the Speed Scrap Crop! She will give you six tasks, spread out over an hour. You'll then have an hour to get it finished and posted in the Gallery!


Journaling Challenge Chat
Monday, June 4th - 7:00PM MDT

Do you struggle to get your words on your layouts? This is the crop for you! Join Carla (CRS) in the chat room at 7pm MT for a Journaling Crop that is sure to help you get journaling! This month, our challenge will be to journal in a checklist format! Elisha Barnett's Life Keeping Collection Biggie has several embellishments to help with this challenge! Hope to see you there!


May's Forum Game: Boutique Alphabet Game!

The Boutique Alphabet Game is back! Do you remember playing the game "I am going on a _____ hunt and bringing..." where each player listed items starting with a specific letter? We are playing a similar game on the Scrap Girls Forum during the month of May. Each day except Sundays, a team member will post a new theme and starting letter in the game thread. Members then will search the Scrap Girls Boutique for a product that fits the theme and post it in the game thread. Entries are to follow the alphabet starting with the letter posted with the theme each day. Only one product per letter per round will be counted and products may not be used more than once. Collections and their individual parts count as one product. Time stamps will be used to determine credit in the case of duplicate letter or product posts. There is a limit of three game posts per person each day and another player must post before posting again. Member names will be added to a drawing based on the number of qualified product links posted in the thread.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the month and winners will be announced in the June 9th Newsletter. Gift certificates will be awarded as follows: $15 SG Gift Certificate for first place, $10 SG Gift Certificate for second place and a $5 SG Gift Certificate for third place.

For complete details, visit the Monthly Forum Games folder on the Scrap Girls Forum.


May Monthly Layout Contest: May is a big month in the northern hemisphere for flowers. For this month's layout contest, we're going to give a little twist on the usual flower photos. We want you to try your hand at extreme close-ups. Be creative in point of view and angle. Even most point-and-shoot cameras have a close-up mode. Do the best you can with the equipment you have and scrap a layout with a photo or two – or three. Your submission will be judged on its merit as a layout, not necessarily the photography. Post your layouts in the May Monthly Layout Gallery before Midnight MDT on May 31st. Be sure to list your layout's product credits in the description or under the EXIF Properties. Two layouts will be selected to win a $10 Gift Certificate to the Scrap Girls Boutique!

Club Concepts Layout Contest: Post your new layout using the current club selection (either the Scrap Girls Club or the ScrapSimple Club) in our Scrap Girls Club Members Gallery or the ScrapSimple Club Members' Gallery. Be sure to list all of the Scrap Girls products you used. If your layout is chosen, it will be showcased as a Club Concepts layout winner, and you will win a $5 Gift Certificate to the Scrap Girls Boutique!


Check our Forum calendar if you have any questions about what is happening at Scrap Girls. All event times are given in Mountain Time Zone unless otherwise noted. Need help converting time zones? Check out the World Clock - Time Zone Converter. (Use 'USA-Utah-Salt Lake City' as the location for the Mountain time zone.)

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