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What's New

Digital scrapbook layout by Joyce Schardt

Layout by Joyce Schardt
larger view

Value Pack: On a Whim * ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Butterfly Shadows 6301 Mini

Commercial license versions of ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Butterfly Shadows 6301 Mini are also available.


Digital scrapbook layout by Jen Reed

Layout by Jen Reed
larger view

Come One, Come All Add-on Alpha Biggie * Come One, Come All Collection Biggie


Digital scrapbook layout by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin

Layout by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin
larger view

Value Pack: Fancy Rust Jubilant Notepaper Alpha Mini ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Taped Damask
  ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Fancy Rust 6401  

Commercial license versions of ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Taped Damask and ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Fancy Rust 6401 are also available.


Digital scrapbook layout by Cindy Rohrbough

Layout by Cindy Rohrbough
larger view

* Day Dreamin' Collection Mini *


Digital scrapbook layout by Andrea Trump

Layout by Andrea Trump
larger view

Crazy Retro Day Paper Mini Crazy Retro Day Collection Biggie Here Comes the Sun Collection Biggie

Commercial license versions of Here Comes the Sun Collection Biggie are also available.


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If you are a registered user of the Message Board, just click on the "PM" box at the bottom of any of their posts to send them a message. Or, to check out more of your favorite designer's layouts, visit the Scrap Girls Design Team section of the Layout Gallery.

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Have You Asked for Help?
Friday, August 5, 2011


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Customer Muses: Would you like to share your own Life Muse with our readers? To have your own essay considered for publication as a muse in the column for our special Saturday newsletter, send your essay to [email protected]. If your essay is selected, you will receive a $20 Gift Certificate to the Scrap Girls Boutique.

Way Cool Scrap Girl: We are so excited to have all of you meet some of the amazing people that have become Scrap Girls! If you would like to be spotlighted and win a $25 Gift Certificate to the Scrap Girls Boutique, send the following items to [email protected]:

  • 500-900 word essay about your experience with digital scrapbooking, Scrap Girls, and specific examples of how we have helped you.
  • A 600-pixel wide, 72 dpi copy of a layout you've created that uses Scrap Girls products, plus a complete list of those products.
  • A 100-pixels wide, 72 dpi picture of yourself.
  • Permission to use your statement.

Project SG Challenge: Stay motivated to scrap your current photos! Post your 2011 layouts in the Project SG Challenge Gallery to earn one point per layout each month. You can earn up to four points per month this way! Earn a bonus point each month by attending the monthly Project SG Chat! Each point gives you an entry into a quarterly drawing for a special prize! And at the end of the year, each month that you participated in will earn you an entry into the Grand Prize drawing for a 12 X 12, 52 page Keepsakes photobook from Color, Inc! Our third quarterly drawing winner will be announced in the Saturday, October 8th Newsletter.

Suggest a Challenge, Win a Prize! Have a great idea for a Gallery layout challenge? Submit it to [email protected]. If your challenge idea is chosen, you will win a prize! Friday will be Customer Challenge Day, so keep an eye out on the Message Board calendar. It will be fun to see what YOU come up with for us to do!

divScrap Girls is giving away birthday gifts to our Message Board members!

Of course, it is a surprise what you will get because birthday presents are always surprises! But you will like it for sure because most people like money.... Anyway, make sure your Message Board email address is current and that you have the correct date entered into your profile to participate.


Adobe Photoshop CS5

Photoshop Elements 9 & Premiere Elements 9 Bundle

Flip Pal Mobile Scanner

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Life Muse

Rozanne Paxman
Rozanne Paxman

Have You Asked for Help?


The bushes ahead shook. I knew that the occupant was large and loud, and I did not want to meet him. But my feet were frozen to the ground - literally. Somehow, my feet, ankles, and calves were encased in a block of ice. I was stuck on the path in the forest, a tasty frozen treat for whatever beast waited in the vegetation.

I looked around frantically for something to remove the ice, but nothing was in reach. I didn't have a cell phone with me. I didn't carry anything more dangerous than a ballpoint pen.

"I'll have to surrender to my fate," I sadly thought.

Suddenly, someone was standing with me on the path. "You look like you are in trouble."

"Uh... yes. Yes, I am in trouble."

"Have you asked for help?"

I looked around and then back at my companion. "There is no one to ask. Everyone is too far away. Besides, I can manage the situation myself."

He looked at my ice-cube feet and smiled. "Here, take this," he said as he held out the bag he carried. "I recommend that you use it when you get stuck. Don't worry about the unknown. Don't be concerned about things you can't control."

Curious, I reached into the bag. As I withdrew the item, I heard a loud blast in my ear. I had been given a bull horn.

My eyes popped open. The sound of the horn blast was still ringing in my head as I forced myself out of the dream. I knew that the time had arrived for me to take a problem I had been avoiding "by the bull horn." Inertia was not solving it, but a good blast of thought, attention, and decision-making might. Until I began to move, my problem would remain in the bushes, growling and looming much larger in my mind than it would likely turn out to be.

So, let's grab our bull horns, fill the air with blasts of sound, and see what shakes out of the trees. Who knows? We might like the results very much!

- Ro


Muse: To be absorbed in one's thoughts; engage in meditation. Not intended to solve the world's problems, another person's problems, or to cover topics completely. One does not have to agree with musings to enjoy them, just as one does not have to be the same as someone else to appreciate who they are.

Would you like to earn a $20 Gift Certificate? Send your own muse to [email protected]. If it is selected for publication in the Scrap Girls newsletter, you'll get to have fun shopping!

Scrap Girls Club

August's Scrap Girls digital scrapbooking club, designed for you by Shalae Tippetts.

Exclusive content from the Scrap Girls Club.

Join the Scrap Girls Monthly Club and you can have fun with the newest traditional digital and printable scrapbooking looks while saving! (A $40.87 value for $9.99 or less!)

The Scrap Girls Club contents are released on the 1st day of the month (or the closest business day to the 1st).

With the Scrap Girls Club, you will receive:

  • 1 Collection Biggie
  • 1 Paper Super Mini
  • 1 Word Art Mini
  • 1 Embellishment Mini
  • 1 Assemble Your Own Zoom Page Set
  • 1 Designer's Choice Item
  • 1 CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Jiffy Easy Page Album
  • 1 CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Designer's Choice Item
  • 1 CLUB EXCLUSIVE! Color Palette

August's Scrap Girls Club designed for you by Shalae Tippetts

JIFFY Easy Page Album
Club Exclusive! JIFFY Easy Page Album

Club Exclusive Gift
Club Exclusive! Designer's Gift

Computer scrapbook layout by Shalae Tippetts using August's Scrap Girls Club
Layout by Shalae Tippetts
using August's Scrap Girls Club
larger view
Computer scrapbook layout by Shalae Tippetts using August's Scrap Girls Club
Layout by Shalae Tippetts
using August's Scrap Girls Club
larger view
Computer scrapbook layout by Shalae Tippetts using August's Scrap Girls Club
Layout by Shalae Tippetts
using August's Scrap Girls Club
larger view

Tips from the Pros

Designer Do-Over

Have you ever had a digital scrapbooking layout that you later looked at and said, "What was I thinking?!"

This is an example of just such a layout. I would like to say it was one of my first attempts at digital scrapbooking, but I'll swallow all pride and admit it was completed almost a year into my digital scrapbooking journey. I had hidden it away and forgotten all about it.

The original layout features a photo taken during a bridal shoot just before leaving for the wedding chapel. In the photo, my daughter, Kristi, appears pensive and thoughtful. In my artistic-induced fervor, I thought I could create a dramatic statement by using this photograph. LOL! However, reflecting back on that day, Kristi was not pensive or deep in thought. She was joyful, filled with anticipation, and radiant. I'd like to start again and give an accurate portrayal of this moment and my daughter's emotions. Here is my original layout.

Digital Scrapbook Layout Makeover: Before Layout.
Layout by Kim Meeder


The Do-Over

First, let's identify some problems with this layout. We'll just concentrate on a few for this do-over. First, I thought that a single, large photo placed in a prominent frame would create a strong focal point. Instead, it results in a heavy and overpowering feel. The photograph itself is too dark, and the wedding dress has a gray cast.

When choosing the photo or photos you will be including in your project, pick ones that truly convey the atmosphere and mood. Choose a different photo, if necessary, and bring it into your photo editing software to make any adjustments before placing it in your digital scrapbooking layout. I've decided to switch this photo for another that honestly expresses the moment. I've also decided to use additional close-up photos to accentuate her mood.

When using multiple photographs, I love to use a digital layout template. Today, I am using a template from ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: 12x12 Tilted. It will save me time and ensure a visually appealing design, but will still allow me to personalize it.

To further emphasize the happy atmosphere, I have chosen to use a light and airy digital scrapbooking background paper from May Day Collection Biggie.

Digital Scrapbooking Layout Tutorial Screenshot: Use a digital layout template.

Next, I'm going to add the remaining papers. I've decided to include a photo of Michael, my son-in-law, but one that does not pull the viewer's attention away from my subject. I don't think I want any more photos on this layout. I'll simply turn off the template layers I don't want to use. Yes, it's okay to do that!

This digital scrapbooking layout is very angular in design. For my wedding theme, I would like an overall gentle feel. By adding some curves, I will be able to create some softness and flow.

Digital Scrapbooking Layout Tutorial Screenshot: Add some curves to create flow.

I've positioned a scalloped doily behind the photo cluster. I've repeated this scallop design by using crocheted elements and a leaf border. I think it looks much better already.

Next, I'll add some embellishments. Again, I'll add soft and gentle touches that continue to bolster the mood and theme I am trying to create. I'll also add drop shadows to give my layout dimension and depth.

Digital Scrapbooking Layout Tutorial Screenshot: Add embellishments to convey mood of the layout.

In my first layout, I neglected to journal. I'm going to be sure to include the story this time around. I want those who see this to know the happiness and excitement Kristi felt on her wedding day. I'll be sure to add the date as well as a title. Below is my final layout. (She was a beautiful bride, wasn't she?)


Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Kim Meeder

Layout by Kim Meeder
Photos by Brandon Kidd Photography
larger view

ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: 12x12 Tilted May Day Collection Biggie Piece Of Cake Collection Biggie
Defining Moments Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Well Loved 5001 Shabby Chic Collection Biggie
  Twiggy Embellishments  

Commercial license versions of ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: 12x12 Tilted and ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Well Loved 5001 are also available.

Kim Meeder
Article written by Kim Meeder

Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed: Photoshop Elements Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed: Paint Shop Pro (PSP) X Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed: Photoshop

Learn to make digital scrapbooking layouts and more! – Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed
Find out how easy it can be to learn how to create digital scrapbook layouts, edit photos, use and make brushes, recolor papers and embellishments, make your own simple backgrounds and embellishments, save and share your layouts and much more!

Ready to learn advanced techniques? – MORE Scrapbook Software Secrets Revealed
Learn to use paper templates, embellishment templates, custom shapes, styles, and brushes to make your own supplies. Learn advanced clipping mask and lighting blend techniques. Learn to make and use patterns. Learn to make brushes from your own doodles. Learn to extract images from photos. Learn work flow techniques that will speed up the layout creation process and advanced photo editing skills and much, much more!

Today's Freebie

Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Angela Blanchard

Layout by Angela Blanchard
larger view

Industrial Strength Collection Biggie Border Special

Designer Freebie by Angela Blanchard coordinates with her Industrial Strength Collection Biggie

* Industrial Strength Collection Biggie *

Commercial license versions of Industrial Strength Collection Biggie are also available.

Angela Blanchard
Today's freebie designed by Angela Blanchard

* There is a "free download" button on the details page for each gift. You don't need to put them in your shopping cart unless you are shopping for other items. Also note that if you are slow reading your newsletter, you may find this freebie has already been retired, as the freebies are only available as gifts for about two newsletter cycles.

What's Happening at Scrap Girls

Crops and Chats

What's New in the Scrap Girls Boutique Chat
Friday, August 5th - 9:00AM MDT

Join April (April Showers) and Theresa (teecee) at 9am MT on Friday mornings to chat about all the wonderful new products in the Scrap Girls Boutique! What are your favorite new items? Is your shopping basket full? What did you kaboodle? Have you already done layouts or other projects with your new goodies? Come tell the designers how much you love their work! You never know who will show up. There's a thread every Thursday, and now there's a chat too!


ScrapSimple Club Chat
Monday, August 8th - 5:00PM MDT

Join April (April Showers) and Shannon (tinkerbell11) on Monday, August 8th at 5pm MT for a chat and challenge using this month's ScrapSimple Club. Did you know that every time you create a layout with the ScrapSimple Club and upload it into the ScrapSimple Club Gallery you could be chosen to be featured in the Newsletter and receive a prize? Join us for the chat so we can encourage and inspire you and help with any questions that you may have. Let's get those ScrapSimple Club layouts done and uploaded!


Journaling Challenge Chat
Monday, August 8th - 6:00PM MDT

Join Carla (CRS) and Lei (Bride) for a Journaling Chat at 6pm MT on the second Monday of each month. Struggle to find the right words for your layouts? Are your layouts more decorative than descriptive of the moments you're trying to capture? Then you won't want to miss this chat - we'll have a special challenge to encourage you to journal on your pages more! See you there!


Sketch Challenge Crop
Tuesday, August 9th - 4:00PM MDT

It's time for the Sketch Challenge and Crop! Join Cheri (Cheri T) on Tuesday, August 9 at 4pm MT in the Scrap Girls Chat Room! Enjoy getting a little creative boost for your pages? Are you needing help getting started? Then this is the challenge for you! A few hours before the chat begins, I'll post a link for you to download the sketch. Use it as the starting point for your page; be inspired by the basic arrangement; flip things around or scraplift the whole thing hook, line, and sinker! All interpretations of the design are welcome and encouraged. Don't worry about any deadlines... post your layout when it works with your schedule. Hope to see you there!


Hybrid ATC Chat
Tuesday, August 9th - 6:00PM MDT

Please join Shannon (tinkerbell11) and Lei (Bride) as we host the chat for another round of our Hybrid ATC Swap. Didn't participate this round? Not sure what it is? Come join us to find out all of the particulars on Tuesday, August 9th at 6pm MT!


New Member Chat
Tuesday, August 9th - 7:00PM MDT

Join Pat (PBarnes) and Theresa (tiza126) for the New Member Chat at 7pm MT in the Live Chat room lobby. This is a great place to ask questions about getting around the Scrap Girls site or about digital scrapbooking in general - and a great place to make some new friends. All are welcome, new and long time members included. You do need to have Java installed on your computer to access the Live Chat.


August Message Board Game: BINGO!

Join us for an exciting game of August BINGO on the Scrap Girls Forum!! Pick 25 words from the list provided and send them in an email to [email protected] with a subject line that says "BINGO CARD - your Scrap Girls Message Board username" by Monday August 1st (Midnight MDT) in order to play in the first round. The first round will begin on Tuesday, August 2nd. If you miss the first round deadline, you can still play! Just send in your BINGO card at any time during the month, and you'll be eligible to begin playing when the next new round starts.

Each day (Monday through Saturday), a member of the Welcoming Committee will call five random words from the BINGO list. Match just 15 of those words to win a BINGO. You must be first to call "BINGO!" in the game thread to win that round. After a winner is called, the boards will be cleared and a new round will begin the following day.

Each winner will receive a $5 Gift Certificate to the Scrap Girls Boutique! We like to see lots of winners, so please remember that each person can only win one round during the month. Have fun!

For complete details, visit the Monthly Message Board Games folder on the Scrap Girls Forum.


August Monthly Layout Contest: The temperatures are hot, and staying cool is a must! Water is a priority in the summer heat! For the August Layout Contest, we'd love to see your layouts featuring water! Dig out those photos of the kids in the pool, the family on a boat ride, or even a waterfall! Journaling about what water means to you will help make this layout more meaningful to you in the future. Post your layouts in the August Monthly Layout Gallery before Midnight MT on August 31st. Be sure to list your credits in the description or under the EXIF Properties. If your layout is one of the two chosen winners, you will receive a $10 Gift Certificate to the Scrap Girls Boutique!

Club Concepts Layout Contest: Post your new layout using the current club selection (either the Scrap Girls Club or the ScrapSimple Club) in our Scrap Girls Club Members Gallery or the ScrapSimple Club Members' Gallery. Be sure to list all of the Scrap Girls products you used. If your layout is chosen, it will be showcased as a Club Concepts layout winner, and you will win a $5 Gift Certificate to the Scrap Girls Boutique!


Check our message board calendar if you have any questions about what is happening at Scrap Girls. All event times are given in Mountain Time Zone unless otherwise noted. Need help converting time zones? Check out the World Clock - Time Zone Converter. (Use 'USA-Utah-Salt Lake City' as the location for the Mountain time zone.)


Haven't received your prize as a contest winner? Please send an email to [email protected] and we'll get it out to you right away!

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