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How to Download Your Products

Downloading Your Files is Easy

  1. Get the download link:

    Shortly after placing your order, you will receive an email from Scrap Girls with the download link for your product. Click on the link provided in the email and it will open the download management page.

    Additionally, the links can be found by logging in to your store account (“My Account”) and clicking on “Order History”. In the Order History window search for the order you want to download, click on the number of that order, then click on the “Download” button found at the bottom of the order receipt.
  2. Download:

    Click on the download button for each product and the product will automatically begin to download.

    If given the option, you should choose to Save them onto your computer, rather than Open the files directly.

    You should be able to download multiple files at once. The number of files you can download simultaneously will depend on your Internet connection and your computer’s speed.
  3. Unzip:

    Once downloaded, all of your files will be zipped (packed in a way that reduces the file size, making them easier to download). In order to use the files, they have to be unzipped.

    If you are running Windows, just right-click on the file and choose “Extract All”. Mac computers typically will unzip the files automatically. If you are running an older operating system, you may need an extraction tool to unzip the files. We recommend searching the Internet for your specific operating system and “unzipping files” and you will find many articles and videos that can help you figure out how to unzip on your specific computer.
  4. Start digi-scrapping:

    That’s it! You should be able to start playing with your new scrapbooking supplies.

    Please back up your files as soon as possible. Computer hard drives have been known to fail, so we recommend protecting your purchases by creating a backup.

    As a reminder, your download links will expire 30 days after your purchase.

Common Downloading Issues

Here are the answers that will solve the majority of downloading issues that arise. If you have difficulties during the download process, please contact us. We are happy to help.

  • Why is the file empty when I unzip it?

    It is likely that your download was interrupted during the download process (even without your knowledge). To fix this, you will need to download the file again.

    Delete the file completely off of your computer and then download it again. Sometimes your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will cache (save) the download information to save bandwidth and space. So unless you delete the first file completely, you will likely get the same bad cached file again.

    If this doesn't work, try rebooting your computer and downloading the file again - but change the location that you are saving the file to on your computer. If the problem is related to your ISP caching your download, rebooting your computer and changing the save location on your computer typically removes this cache and you can get a fresh download.
  • Why can't the file be unzipped after I download it?

    This problem has two causes. Most of the time when this happens it is because your download was interrupted. Follow the instructions above for empty files to fix this.

    Occasionally, a PNG file inside of the folder is bad. (They are a little fussy and can sometimes cause problems). If this is the problem, we will need to repair it for you. Send us an email and we will get your file fixed ASAP.
  • Why do I have both JPG and PNG versions of some items?

    JPG files are used for backgrounds and for our printable versions of alphas, embellishments, and transparencies. Printers handle these files well. PNG files have a transparent background and so they allow digital scrapbookers to “stack” them up to create scrapbooking layouts. Printers often do not handle PNG files well.
  • There is a “.DS_Store” file in one of my folders (or)
    I sometimes get a file with a “._” in front the name of the file. What are these?

    These types of files aren’t anything to worry about. They typically show up with Mac users and are associated with the zip program used to unzip the files. These types of files will not open up for you, but they are not corrupt and will not harm your computer. You can just delete them, and it will not affect your ability to use your digital scrapbooking supplies.
  • When I try to download files from your site, all I can download are PHP files
    and I can't open any of them.

    Anytime you are downloading PHP files, it is a browser issue. What's happening is that the browser is actually downloading the webpage code instead of the ZIP file. Try using a different browser to download from.

Still Having Trouble?

Remember you can always contact Customer Service for help at [email protected]. We're glad you've purchased our products and would love to help you!

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